Our Simple USPTO Trademark Registration Process

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    Sign-Up with Your Details

    Simply sign-up using your contact details along with your trademark name & logo information.

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    Requires Planning & Compiling

    Our USPTO trademark registration attorney will plan, organize and compile your case for filing.

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    Application to USPTO for
    Registering Trademark name

    Once your data is finalized we apply for brand registration with USPTO and deliver your brand name registration’s serial number within 24 Hours.

About Us We ensure That Your Business Is One of A Kind Through Trademark Registeration

Trademark Avenue is a leading brand name registration company in the United States, assisting businesses to register brand through quick and affordable trademark registration. We understand trademarking a name with USPTO can be thorough and a tiresome process, which is why we have brought together a team of USA’s top of the line trademark application attorneys to make it easier for you to protect your brand name

Our Trademark Registration Services

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Trademark Search &

Prior to the process of applying to register a logo application, Trademark Avenue performs an extensive search of the USPTO database to check if any similar trademarks exist. Any conflict is resolved prior to the application to ensure your trademark business name registration process is errorless.

Statement of Use

A trademark Statement of Use (SOU) is submitted to trademark your logo with United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) attesting that your trademark is in use in interstate commerce. Once your trademark registration application is filed, we assist you in writing the Statement of Use (SOU) to ensure it is legally correct & capable of being accepted by the USPTO.


1.2 Million+
Happy Clients

Office Action Response

Once your trademark application is submitted, USPTO examiners may send you Office Actions through mail or email. Trademarking a brand takes a while and avoiding any conflicts or issues becomes necessary, so an Office Action which is the official communication is carried out by USPTO to address any conflicts or issues. Responding to USPTO office action is a complicated process, which is why we assist you to go through these roadblocks with ease.

Trademark Renewal

At Trademark Avenue, we not only deal with new trademarks but we also assist with businesses in renewing their expired trademarks. Did you know expired USPTO trademarks are extremely difficult to renew? This is why we offer you expert legal services to get your USPTO trademark renewed and handle all the technicalities for you.

Affordable Prices

Our Affordable Trademark Registration Service Provide Brand Name Registration Online

Your trademark application will be handled by our top of the top attorneys. If you are
looking to file your trademark urgently then this service is for you!

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