Best State To Register a C Corporation


The first step to forming a corporation is deciding where to form your LLC. The second step, after forming the LLC, is registering it with the state of incorporation. This article will explain why some states are better for C-corporations than others and provide recommendations for choosing a state of incorporation.


Delaware is a great place to register a C corporation. The state has a good tax code, court system and corporate law. Moreover, Delaware is known as the most business-friendly state in the US with its friendly laws which make it easy for corporations to do business there. The state’s small size means that it’s easy to get around, while at the same time it offers everything you need from an office space to a healthcare plan for your employees.


One of the best states for business is Wyoming. If you’re thinking about registering your company as a C corporation, Wyoming may be the best place to do it.

Besides having low corporate tax rates, Wyoming has a simple and straightforward process for registering a C corporation. The state even offers on-line registration services.

In addition to being easy to form in, Wyoming also boasts a very favorable corporate tax climate. This means that if you choose this state as your incorporation home, any profits made from your business will face only 7% in federal taxes (and 2% in state taxes).


Sure, Nevada may not be the first state you think of when you think of doing business in the United States. But if you’re thinking of registering a C Corporation, it’s definitely worth considering Nevada as your incorporation location.

The state has no corporate income tax and has all kinds of incentives for corporations to move there. It also has low-cost living, which makes it attractive for employees looking to relocate. In addition, companies can enjoy lower operating costs because they don’t have to pay for things like health care or retirement benefits (unless they choose to provide them voluntarily).

New York

If you’re looking for a state that is easy to register a C corporation, New York isn’t the place for you. The state is one of the most expensive places in the country to live, and it has some of the highest corporate income tax rates. While some states have no corporate income tax at all (Nevada), many others have lower rates than New York.

New York also requires more paperwork and red tape than most other states. It takes an average of 54 days to register a corporation here—and even longer if there are complications along the way. You can expect your costs on top of this long process as well:

  • Standard incorporation fee: $125-$250 (average $200)
  • Registered agent fee: between $125-$200 per year (average $150)


Alabama is a good state to register a corporation. It has a low tax rate and a good tax climate, as well as a legal system that can be described as “reasonably good” and an overall regulatory environment that is more business friendly than most states.


Oklahoma is a great place to register your C corporation. It has no state income tax, franchise tax, corporate income tax, capital gains tax or inventory tax. Oklahoma also does not levy sales and use taxes on its citizens.


Tennessee has no corporate income tax, making it a better place than many states to register a C corporation.

Tennessee also has a very favorable corporate law, which includes provisions such as the right to vote in person or by proxy and access to the annual meeting of shareholders by electronic means, if all shareholders consent. Tennessee also has a very favorable tax law, including relatively low franchise taxes (no franchise tax on LLCs or partnerships).

Tennessee’s tax structure is very favorable for operating an LLC or partnership. There is no gross receipts tax in Tennessee; however, there are sales taxes on goods sold within the state—but only when those goods are delivered outside of the county where they were purchased.


If you’re looking to register your C corporation in California, consider the following:

  • With a population of over 39 million people, California has the fifth largest population among states. This means there’s plenty of business owners and financial resources available to support your venture.
  • California ranks third in terms of venture capital investment, with approximately $7 billion invested annually. The state is also home to hundreds of tech companies like Apple and Google as well as entertainment giants like Disney and Universal Studios Hollywood.


Texas is the best state in which to register a C corporation. The biggest reason for this is that, unlike most other states, Texas does not have any state corporate income tax. This means that as far as your business is concerned, you may pay zero taxes on profits earned by your company. Additionally, there are no franchise or personal property taxes in Texas either.


As we’ve seen, there are many factors to consider when deciding where to register your C corporation. The best states have low taxes and few regulations, a strong business community and educated workforce, as well as other important resources. These states include Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada—which are often considered the top three places to register in the country—as well as New York and Alabama. Other great options include Oklahoma and Tennessee (for their low tax rate), or California (because it’s home).


The overall takeaways from this article are that Delaware, Wyoming, Nevada and Tennessee are the best states to register a C Corporation.

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