Documents needed to form an S Corp in Florida


Every business must have the right documents to operate. You need a business plan, an organizational structure, and financial statements. The best way to get these documents in place is to form an S Corporation with a legal professional, who can help you set up your paperwork correctly.

FL-200 Summons

A summons is a written order to a person or business to appear in court at a specified time and place to give evidence about a matter. The purpose of this document is to gather information from the witness for future use by your lawyer.

You can find the Florida Summons Form FL-200 on the Judicial Council website under “Forms.” It’s important that you fill out this form completely and accurately because any mistakes could result in serious consequences later on down the road (such as having your case thrown out).

The summons must be served on the defendant within 120 days after filing it with the court clerk’s office where you filed your complaint (or within 60 days if both parties agree). A summons must also be served on anyone else who might be called as a witness for either party, even if they were not named specifically in the complaint–for example, if you believe another employee may know something about how much time was spent on projects at work each week versus socializing with co-workers after hours over drinks or dinner.

FL-110 Petition

An FL-110 Petition is a form that must be filed with your state in order to form an S Corp.

It should be filed before any other forms are filed, as it will alert the IRS and the state of your intent to form an S Corp. If you do not file this document at all, or if you file it later than others (like the articles of incorporation), then you may have trouble forming an S Corp in some states.

FL-120 Response

The FL-120 Response is a form that the court will send to you. You should fill it out and return it to the court in a timely manner. This is an important part of forming an S Corp, so make sure that you get this done on time.

Once you have responded, you will need to file your documents with the court as well.

FL-150 Income and Expense Declaration

An income and expense declaration is a document that must be filed with the Florida Department of Revenue. It contains information about your business, including the type of business you operate, what products or services you provide, how many employees you have working for your company, and how much revenue it generates. You must file this form each year on or before March 31st. If you don’t file it on time, there will be penalties for late filing—and if you file a false return (i.e., one that doesn’t accurately reflect your business’ income) then there are even more serious penalties for fraud.

You can download FL-150 online from the Florida Department of Revenue website at no charge; however, some people prefer to get their forms from an accounting firm or CPA instead because they feel more comfortable having someone else fill out all the paperwork for them. In any case, once filled out by whoever does so (you or another person), submit via mail since e-filing is not allowed at this time by Florida lawmakers–but keep an eye open: new legislation may change this soon!

FL-140 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) Affidavit

The UCCJEA Affidavit is a simple form that you must complete to attest that the child custody laws of your state have been complied with. This means that if you have a child custody order, but it was issued in another state, then you’ll need to provide this affidavit.

The purpose of the UCCJEA is to ensure that all states are able to enforce their own child custody decisions by helping them obtain information about where the children are located and who has them in their possession at any given time.

FL-105 Child Support Information Form

The FL-105 Child Support Information Form is used to provide information about child support obligations. This form can be filled out in the presence of a notary public, who will certify that the person who signed it has done so under oath.

The FL-105 is used in addition to other forms that establish paternity and/or determine an amount of child support that you are obligated to pay (e.g., your state agency may require you to complete their own version of this form).

FL-300 Request for Order and Order to Show Cause

This form is used to request a court order. It can be used to ask the judge to order a person to do something, such as having a child visit with a parent; or it can be used to ask the judge not to do something, such as pay money. The FL-300 also provides space for you or other parties involved in your case (the respondent) to state why you are requesting this order. If there are no children involved in your case but instead only other property at stake, use FL-301 instead of FL-300.

Be sure you know all the forms that need to be filed when beginning your S Corp formation

When forming your new business as an S Corporation, you will need to file the following forms:

  • FL-200 Summons
  • FL-110 Petition
  • FL-120 Response
  • FL-150 Income and Expense Declaration


Once you have all the documents ready, turn them into the IRS. Once they have been processed and approved, your business will officially be an S Corporation!

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