How Can Non-residents Form Company with Bank Account in the US


Opening a bank account for your company is a simple process, but it does require certain documents. You can find out what these are by contacting the bank or going online to check its website. Also, you may want to contact an expert who can help you set up a corporation in the US, with all appropriate documents (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws). A person who wants to open a business account should go to their local branch with all the documents (a list of required documents varies from one bank to another). Additional requirements may include the need for additional information or calling a person or company representative to verify your business

1. Incorporation In the US

  • To apply for a bank account, the company must be incorporated in the US.
  • The company must be registered with the state and have a tax ID number (EIN).
  • It must have an address and telephone number in the US as well as other information required by financial institutions to open an account, such as business purpose, details about all of its shareholders etc.

2. Get Assistance from an Expert

It is best to be assisted by an expert when forming a company with a bank account in the US. This way, you can benefit from his or her knowledge of how best to establish such companies. An expert should also be able to help you set up your corporation in the United States, which may prove helpful if you decide that this is what you want for your business venture later on.

Opening an offshore bank account is not as simple as opening a bank account in your home country. While most banks will allow you to open an account if you are an existing customer, this is not the case when it comes to opening an offshore bank account. The reasons why vary from bank to bank and also depend on the type of business you have set up.

The documents required for opening your non-resident business account can vary from one institution to another. Each institution has its own standard operating procedure (SOP) and documentation requirements that need to be fulfilled before they can open the new account for you. Some banks require additional information such as proof of source of funds or proof of residence in addition to what we mentioned above. It is best to be assisted by an expert, who can also help set up a corporation in the US with all appropriate documents (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws).

3. Go To Your Local Branch With All The Documents

You must go to your local branch with all the documents. The bank will tell you which documents they require, so it’s best to call them up and ask beforehand. This can save you some time if you know what you need before going there.

The list of required documents varies from one bank to another, but here is a general idea of what most banks require:

  • ID card or passport (you may want to take two copies)
  • Bank reference letter (if you already have an account with another bank, they will ask for this)
  • Proof of employment: It’s best to have a letter from your employer stating that you are still employed with them and the expected salary.
  • Recent bank statements: You will need a recent statement showing your salary deduction (or if you are self-employed, an income tax return).

4. Additional Information

The bank may also ask for additional information, such as:

  • The name of your business and its purpose.
  • A list of the directors, managers or owners of your company.
  • Your signature on an agreement with them confirming that you will abide by their terms and conditions regarding how they operate, including their privacy policy.

The bank may call a person or company representative to verify your business transaction and identity. This could include calling a lawyer or accountant who has worked with you before.

Get Everything Ready Before You Try to Open a Bank Account

  • Before you go ahead and open a bank account, make sure you have the required documents in hand.
  • Once you’ve decided on the bank where you want to open an account, it’s best to prepare for how you will use it.
  • Write down a plan for how you will manage your business finances from now on so that there are no surprises when tax time comes around.
  • Make sure your bank knows about any changes that may affect how their service works for your company.


We hope this article was helpful in answering your questions about opening a bank account for your non-resident company. As you know, it is not always easy but there are some things that you can do to make it easier on yourself. If you want some help with setting up and running your business, we recommend reaching out to an expert who will be able to assist with this process.

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