How to Find Out Who owns a Business Trademark


If you’re looking to find out who owns a trademark, there are several ways to do so. A simple search on Google may yield results, as well as services provided at and other online databases. You can also hire a professional to conduct your search for you, however, this is the most expensive option available.

Google and Search Engines

If you’re looking to find out who owns a business trademark, the first place to start is Google and other search engines. This can be helpful because it will allow you to see if there are any recent news stories about the business owner or any other online mentions of them. It’s also possible that someone might have written something about them on another website, meaning that you may be able to find their contact information in those posts.

Use the Tools Provided at

You can use the tools provided on to search for trademark owners. The site provides an online tool for searching business trademarks by name, serial number, or address. This is helpful because it allows you to search for businesses based on their names rather than having to rely solely on their domain names and websites.

To find out who owns a business trademark:* Go to* Click “Trademarks” in the top navigation bar.* In the “Trademarks Search” box at the left-hand side of the page, enter all or part of the name of a registered mark that you want to find information about (e.g., “Google”).* Click “Search.”

Contact Trademark Public Records

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will provide you with information on the owner of a trademark, but it requires that you have a valid reason for conducting such a search. You can also visit their website to do so manually through a database search.

If you have access to the internet, this is probably the easiest way to conduct your search online and can be done by anyone at any time. In order to use this method, however, you must know the name of the business or product that has been registered for protection under trademark law.

Hire a Professional to Conduct your Trademark Search

If you’re serious about protecting your trademark, it’s best to hire a professional to conduct the search. If you find that someone else has filed for a similar or identical trademark, you’ll have an easier time working with them if they’re already familiar with your brand. They can also help advise you on how best to protect your business against infringement and theft.

We recommend looking for companies specializing in intellectual property protection services like Trademarkia and LegalZoom. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau or read reviews on Yelp! (if applicable).


To learn more about a business trademark, you can do a few things. First, you can visit the USPTO website to look up information on trademarks. You can also search through private databases that companies use. Finally, there are professional services that help with these matters and will provide you with results for a fee.


We hope you’ve learned a few things about how to find out who owns a business trademark and what is needed in order to do so. As we mentioned earlier, this is a very important process that shouldn’t be taken lightly! If you are planning on creating or already have created your own brand name then make sure it’s protected properly before anyone else gets their hands on it. Now go out there and get searching!

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