How to form a C-corporation for Hospitality


In the hospitality industry, corporations are formed to limit the liability of owners and protect their personal assets. A C-corporation provides additional advantages for the owners and shareholders by allowing them to defer taxes on earnings until profits are paid out. Learn more about forming an LLC or corporation for your hospitality business!

Choose a name for your company

Choosing a company name is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Choose a name that is easy to spell and easy to remember.
  • Make sure your company name is not already in use by another company.
  • Avoid offensive or misleading names like “Hotel.”
  • Don’t make the name too long (like “Best Western International, Inc.”) or too short (like “Hotel”).

Choose a Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is a group of people who are responsible for running the company and oversee its operations. As the highest governing body of the corporation, they’re tasked with making sure that all business decisions are made in accordance with bylaws, state laws, and federal regulations.

It also has the power to elect or remove the corporation’s officers, including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. They are responsible for approving major decisions like mergers and acquisitions, issuing stock options, and hiring new employees.

File Articles of Incorporation

The first step in forming a C-corporation is to file articles of incorporation with the state. Your state may have different requirements for filing, so be sure to check your local Secretary of State website for more information. If you’re forming a corporation online, many services will help you fill out your articles of incorporation and file them electronically.

The next step is to form your board of directors. The board will be responsible for making important decisions about your company, including how it’s run and making sure it complies with any laws or regulations that apply to your business. You can have just one director or as many as you want; however, most LLCs have between three and ten members on their boards.

Create bylaws for your company

  • Bylaws are the rules of your company, and they should be written before you start the business. They should also be reviewed and amended regularly to make sure that they support the goals of your organization and reflect any changes in its structure or operations.
  • Hold an annual meeting where you elect officers and make other important decisions. In addition to electing officers, this meeting is a great time to review any changes in company structure, mission statements, financial statements (if applicable), etc., so that everyone knows what’s going on with their jobs or with the company as a whole.

Hold regular board meetings. This is a good time for you to get together with your fellow officers and review the status of the company, discuss any problems or issues that have arisen in recent months, and make decisions about how best to handle them.

Hold the first board meeting

When you have a few people, it’s time to hold the first board meeting. This is where you become an official corporation and appoint officers, who will be responsible for running the day-to-day operations of your business. The first step is to prepare:

  • Know what to expect at your first board meeting and make sure everyone has read the articles of incorporation (the document that created your C-Corp) before arriving.
  • Call everyone who has joined up so far and invite them to attend this important event in person or via video chat if they can’t make it in person—this helps ensure that everyone knows what’s going on when they arrive.
  • Arrange for a conference room or other space where you can meet comfortably with all members present and take notes on important decisions made during the meeting as well as any other notes about upcoming tasks or agreements made during this time period (such as information about salaries).

Once all members are present, get started by explaining why this special meeting was called: because becoming an LLC means filing many papers with state agencies including IRS forms submitted through TurboTax software which must be filled out correctly with accurate information pertaining specifically to their individual needs; therefore having someone oversee these processes ensures accuracy (both legally speaking as well


Creating a C-corporation for hospitality is not very daunting and difficult charge as described by other sources we made it easier for you by dividing it into simpler steps. Forming a C-corporation for your forestry business can help you save money and keep your business safe from liability. This article has explained how to form a C-corporation for hospitality, what the requirements are, and how to set up your corporation.

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