How to Form a Company in Maine


For many entrepreneurs, starting a business is the ultimate goal. But getting there can be challenging—especially if you don’t have much experience running your own company. That’s where Maine comes in. The state has a strong economy and low unemployment rate, making it an attractive place to start a new venture. And while there are many steps involved in forming a business, Maine makes it easier by offering detailed information on its website and providing resources that help new companies get started quickly and easily . Here’s how:

Corporate laws tend to vary from state to state.

A corporation is a legal entity that can own property, enter into contracts and be sued. Typically, corporations have one or more stockholders who own the company. Stockholder(s) are the owners of a corporation and subject to its rules and regulations.

Corporate laws vary from state to state; therefore it is important for you to understand what requirements are necessary for forming your corporation in Maine. The state where your corporation is formed has jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to that business in Maine; this includes lawsuits filed against them by other parties as well as any disputes between shareholders (stockholders)

Think of a name

The name of your business will be one of the first things people associate with it, so it’s important to choose something that sounds professional and appealing. There are some things you should keep in mind as you come up with your company’s name:

  • Make sure the name is easy to spell and read. Avoid initials or abbreviations, which can be confusing. If people have trouble pronouncing the name after hearing it once or twice, then it won’t work for you!
  • Choose a unique name that isn’t too similar to other companies in the area. If customers think they’re dealing with “Bob’s Plumbing” when they call “Bob Smith’s Plumbing,” they may get confused and end up calling another plumbing service instead of yours—and won’t come back!
  • Keep your company’s title short but descriptive enough so people know what kind of business is behind it without having to search through Google anymore than necessary before making that all-important phone call (or typing out an email). You want them coming back again later down the line when their needs become more specific; don’t make them waste time trying figure out what exactly makes each business different from another—just let them know right away!

Incorporate online

  • Go to LegalZoom ( and create an account
  • Select your state and then click “File Articles of Incorporation”
  • Fill out the required information on behalf of your company (name, address, etc.)
  • Upload a copy of all documents needed to incorporate in Maine: a passport photo ID for each member/officer (max 4), an original certificate of good standing from another state or country if you are a foreign corporation or LLC, etc.; $50 per person filing articles; $10 for expedited filing; $50 for Express Service

Get a registered agent

A registered agent is the person or business who acts as the official contact for your company. You need a registered agent because it’s illegal to conduct business in Maine without one. When you form a corporation, you must get authorization from the Secretary of State to use a registered agent and designate an address for service of process (that is, any legal notice issued by a court or government entity).

The address can be anything: your home address, a post office box, etc., but it must be accessible 24 hours per day via postal mail and fax machine. You can hire an individual or business to act as your registered agent; many law firms offer this service at no charge as part of their standard contract packages with clients. Just make sure they’re available before you sign on!

Registered agents are not required in all states—it varies by state—and if yours doesn’t require one then there will be no issue here at all. The main thing when hiring someone is knowing where they’re located so that notices can reach them quickly and efficiently should anything arise that needs attention from the company itself (like lawsuits).

File articles of organization

The next step is filing articles of organization. In Maine, this is a public record. The articles of organization must include:

  • The name and address of the business
  • Its registered agent
  • Its principal office (and mailing address if it’s different from its physical location)

Get an employer identification number from the IRS.

  • You’ll need an employer identification number (EIN) to form a company in Maine. The IRS issues EINs for sole proprietorships and corporations, so if you’re setting up a partnership or non-profit organization, you’ll have to apply for one of those separately.
  • To get an EIN from the IRS:
  1. Go to their website at
  2. Fill out the information as required on this page and submit it
  3. Wait for about 10 days until you receive your new EIN by mail

File the appropriate tax forms.

You must file the appropriate tax forms. This means you will have to pay taxes on the profits of your business, as well as pay for any employees you hire. You can find information about filing taxes on the IRS website and the Maine Department of Labor website.

Follow state-specific rules and regulations for business conduct.

  • Follow state-specific rules and regulations for business conduct. While Maine doesn’t have as many laws governing small businesses as do larger states, it does have some rules you must follow. For example, you’ll need to register your company with the state and file tax returns. You should also keep records of all financial transactions and obtain a local business license if necessary (you can learn more about this in the next section).
  • Get the right legal structure for your company. In addition to determining which type of entity would best suit your needs (see below), Maine has specific legal requirements regarding how different types of companies are organized. For example, corporations must have at least one shareholder who owns 100 percent of shares; partnerships require two or more partners owning equal interests in a firm; limited liability companies may be managed by members or managers; and limited liability partnerships must have at least two partners with equal ownership stakes in order to be recognized under state law.


To form a company in Maine, you must:

  • Register your business name and get a registered agent.
  • File your articles of organization with the Maine Secretary of State.


At the end of the day, forming a company can be a complicated process. But by following these steps and consulting with professionals when necessary, you will be on your way to doing business in Maine soon enough!

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