How to Form an LLC in Wyoming


Wyoming LLCs are a great option for those who want to start a business without the hassle of registering and maintaining an office in the state. While Wyoming has only adopted one form of LLC—the Wyoming limited liability company, or WLLC—you can use this type of entity to incorporate any kind of business, including corporations and partnerships. To learn more about how to form an LLC in Wyoming, keep reading!

Step 1: Choose a name for your business

The next step is to choose a name for your business. When selecting the right name, make sure it isn’t already taken in Wyoming (you can check this on the Secretary of State’s website). It’s also important that the name is not too similar to other businesses (to avoid confusion), or offensive or confusing (such as if you’re naming your law firm “Lolawitz & Associates”)—and that it’s memorable and easy to pronounce!

Step 2: Appoint a registered agent

The next step is to appoint a registered agent. The Wyoming Secretary of State will send you your LLC’s Articles of Organization and Certificate of Formation, which both contain information about the appointment of your Wyoming LLC’s registered agent.

You can appoint a registered agent by logging into your account on the state website, or by mailing in a form. If you choose to use their online system, make sure that you complete all fields and submit the form with payment (credit card or check). Once it has been processed, they’ll send an email notification that confirms your appointment as well as how long it will be valid for (usually two years).

Step 3: File the articles of organization

  • File the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State

You will need to submit your articles of organization for filing with the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office. The articles must include:

  • The name of your LLC
  • The name and address of your registered agent
  • The names and addresses of each organizer who is organizing and founding the company (you)

Step 4: Set up an operating agreement

  • Set up an operating agreement

An operating agreement is a document that establishes the rules of your LLC and lays out how you want to run it. It’s very similar to a partnership agreement, but it only applies to members of LLCs owned by more than one individual. An operating agreement is not required in Wyoming, but if you’re setting up a multi-member LLC, it’s essential for everyone to know their rights and responsibilities before filing for incorporation. You can find sample templates online or use our guide (linked below) as a starting point for drafting your own version.


The takeaway is: LLCs are one of the most common business types in Wyoming, and they’re easy to form. Once you’ve decided on an LLC name and filed your articles of organization, you can start operating immediately. It’s also worth noting that Wyoming doesn’t have state income tax—saving another headache when it comes to bookkeeping.


If you are ready to begin forming an LLC in Wyoming, the steps above will help guide you through the process. As you can see, it is a simple and straightforward process that does not require a lot of time or financial resources. In just a few days’ time, your new business will be up and running!

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