How to form an S-corporation for Carpets


The S-corporation is a popular choice for small businesses. Unlike a C corporation, an S-corp does not pay corporate income tax but it has liability protection similar to that of a sole proprietorship and LLC. However, unlike those structures, the S-corp offers its shareholders limited liability in exchange for being taxed like a C corporation. When you form an S corp., you’ll need to fill out some paperwork and hold meetings with your directors and shareholders; however, it’s easy to do these things yourself without hiring lawyers or accountants unless there are special circumstances such as having employees or stockholders who aren’t US citizens or residents.

Choose a name for your carpet company

It’s important to choose a name that sounds professional, but also makes sense for your product. Make sure it’s available as an S-corporation by checking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website before settling on one!

  • Do not use personal names; these may cause confusion among customers and vendors when trying to communicate with you about orders or deliveries
  • Do not include numbers or punctuation marks in the name of your corporation; this can lead some people to believe incorrectly that it is registered as an LLC instead of an S-corporation.

Draft and file your Articles of Incorporation

This is a form that lists the basic information about your corporation, including its name and address, where it’s incorporated (the state), and the type of business it will be in—in this case, carpets. The articles need to be signed by a corporate officer or member; they’ll also need to be notarized by someone official like a notary public or county clerk.

Once you’ve completed these steps and filed them with the appropriate authorities (the state), you’ll receive official documentation saying that your company has been created! Your S-corporation lives on!

Obtain an employer identification number from the IRS

You’ll need an EIN if your company plans to hire employees and pay them with payroll checks.

You can apply for an EIN online or by mail using Form SS-4; read more about applying for an EIN on the IRS website. If you already have an existing business entity with the state in which you plan to operate your carpets company, then use this existing entity’s EIN instead of applying for another one from scratch through the IRS.

Create an Operating agreement for your carpet business

An operating agreement sets out the rules and procedures that govern how your carpet cleaning business will operate. You should consider drafting a basic, general document that includes at least these elements:

  • A statement of your company’s purpose for existing, which could include expanding into other types of cleaning services or buying new equipment.
  • A description of how the ownership shares are divided among those involved in running your carpet cleaning business—for example, 50/50 or 60/40 between you and another person who owns a similar number of shares as you do.
  • A provision addressing what happens if someone wants to leave the company; this could be expressed as “a partner wishing to withdraw from this partnership must find another partner willing to take over his share.”

Hold an organizational meeting for your directors and shareholders

The first meeting of the board, called the organizational meeting, must be held within six months from the date you form your corporation. During this meeting, you and your directors should:

  • Record the date and time of the meeting in your corporate book.
  • Record the names of all directors and shareholders who attended it in their own books or records.
  • Record any resolutions passed during this meeting. For example, you may decide at this time how much stock each person owns or whether to pay them dividends (cash payments) on their shares.

Retain record keeping services

While you may be able to use a cloud-based service like QuickBooks, most small businesses are better off using spreadsheet programs like Excel. When tracking your company’s financial transactions, it’s important to maintain detailed records of all purchases and sales. You should also keep track of the following information:

  • Tax ID number (EIN)
  • Name and address for each vendor or supplier
  • Date when transaction occurred

You should also maintain general records about how long you take to pay suppliers, how much inventory you buy from each supplier, and how much money goes out as payments for goods received from suppliers every month.

Forming an S-corporation is a great choice for a small business owner who wants to protect his personal assets but still enjoy tax advantages similar to those of sole proprietorships

Sole proprietorships are unincorporated businesses owned by one person. As a sole proprietor, you report all profits and losses on your personal income tax return, even if you have only one employee or work alone in your business. You do not have taxes withheld from your employees’ paychecks (e.g., federal income taxes), but there are some exceptions depending on where you live and whether that state has its own employment laws regarding withholding taxes from workers’ paychecks in addition to federal requirements that may apply if running an online retail store out of your home office space (which would be considered separate when calculating which benefits qualify as “employer contributions”).


When you decide to form an S-corporation, it’s important to remember that this is a business structure that works best for small companies. You can save on taxes by electing to be taxed as an S-corporation rather than as a C corporation or partnership. However, if your company grows too big or makes too much money (for example, over $100 million), then there may be other options that make more sense for your needs.

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