How to form an S-corporation for Cleaning Substances


When you’re starting a business, there are many things to consider. You have to decide what kind of business structure you want, how to obtain funding for the venture, and how much time to invest in growing it. In addition, you also need to think about how you will file taxes and how much liability insurance coverage is enough for your cleaning chemicals company. Fortunately, forming an S-corporation is relatively straightforward if you follow these steps:

You need to obtain an employer identification number

An EIN (Employer Identification Number) is a nine-digit number that the IRS issues to business entities. It’s used to identify your company with the IRS, which makes it easier for you to report taxes, pay employees and open a bank account. The IRS offers free EINs and you can apply online.

Choose a name for your S-Corporation

It is recommended you choose a unique name to prevent the possibility of customers confusing your cleaning chemicals company with another one.

Your name should be easily remembered and easily spelled out, as well as not too similar to other companies in your industry or field.

Come up with an Operating Agreement

An operating agreement is a document that should be created before you file your articles of incorporation with your state. The agreement should be in writing, signed by all shareholders (including you), and include provisions for how to divide profits and losses.

There are many options for dividing profits and losses, but one important point is that if a shareholder does not agree with how profits are distributed, he or she cannot force another shareholder to accept his or her terms to avoid losing the company’s tax status as an S-corporation.

File articles of Incorporation

One of the most important steps to forming an S-corporation for your business is to file and integrate the articles of incorporation with your secretary of state. This should be done with respect to the state you desire to start your procedure of forming an S-corporation in.

Apply for licenses and permits

These requirements vary from state to state, so it is important that you contact the appropriate authorities in your area to find out what regulations apply to chemical manufacturers like yourself.

Obtain federal tax identification number (EIN) from the IRS. This applies only if you plan on filing taxes as an S-corporation. You can apply online or by mail at any time of year via Form SS-4 or Form 5227-A. Once approved by the IRS, this number will allow you to open a bank account in your business’ name as well as pay employees and file quarterly tax returns with ease.

Open a business bank account

To start an S-corporation for cleaning substances, you need to first open a business bank account. Keeping the finances separate from your personal finances will make it easier to prepare taxes and keep track of how much money the business makes or loses each year.

Purchase insurance policies that cover risks related to making or selling cleaning chemicals, such as product liability insurance

If you plan on selling cleaning chemicals, you will need to purchase insurance policies that cover risks related to making or selling cleaning chemicals. You may also want to consider getting general liability insurance, commercial vehicle insurance and workers’ compensation insurance in case something goes wrong while conducting business operations or transporting products.

Insurance can cost anywhere from $500 per year up to several thousands of dollars per year depending on the type of products you sell and how much coverage you need.


The takeaway from this article is that you should always have a business plan, a budget and a general idea of your financial obligations. You should also know what your financial limitations are, as well as any long-term goals you may have for yourself and your company. Take the time to do these things right away so that if disaster strikes, you’re prepared to handle it.


If you’re looking to start your own cleaning chemicals business and want some peace of mind that you’re following all the rules and regulations, then forming an S-Corporation is a great option. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to form an S-Corporation for cleaning substances!

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