How to form an S-corporation for Industrial oils


If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to form an S corporation, the process is relatively straightforward. In most states, the process can be completed online and typically takes less than a day to complete.

Form an S-Corporation

To get your business to form into an S-corporation follow these steps:

Step 1 Decide on a name for your corporation

Your choice of name will be used on all official documentation and legal entities, so it is important that you select a name that:

  • Is not already in use by another company.
  • Is not too similar to another company’s name. You do not want anyone confused about which company they are working with or where their invoice came from!
  • Does not contain offensive language, such as racial slurs or curse words.
  • Is not so long as to make it difficult for people who read it aloud repeatedly over many years.

Step 2 Set the address of your corporation

Now that you have formed your corporation and filed the Articles of Incorporation, it’s time to set the address of your corporation. The address must be a physical location, not just a P.O. box or virtual office. You will be able to use the address of your home or any office that you lease or rent out as long as this is where mail can be delivered to the corporation. You also have the option of using an attorney’s or accountant’s address if they will accept packages sent there by law firms representing clients in deals with you because this allows these lawyers or accountants to receive all official documents on behalf of your company without being responsible for filing anything with government agencies themselves, which would make things much easier for everyone involved!

Step 3 Appoint officers and directors

As the owner of your company, you will be responsible for all of its decisions. However, if you are not interested in handling day-to-day operations or have a busy schedule, it’s wise to hire someone else to do so. Officers and directors are two different types of positions within a corporation that help ensure that the company runs smoothly and efficiently. Directors must be knowledgeable about the issues facing an industrial oils corporation and should understand their roles within it. They also hold legal authority over any contracts or agreements that your corporation enters into, as well as its overall compliance with state laws.

Step 4 Choose a corporate officer

The first person who will be in charge of your company is the president, who can do anything from signing paperwork to handling legal issues. This position requires no special skills or education, but it does require that you be at least 18 years old. If you have other controlling shareholders, one of them could also serve as president—they just need to be over 18 and meet the same requirements outlined above for this position.

Step 5 Choose a registered agent

  • Register your corporation as an industrial oils company
  • Pay the registration fee. This can be done on the same day that you file, or it can be done later, like when more than $500 is deposited into your account.

Set up a bank account

If you have one already, good for you! If not, now’s the time to get one set up so that you can make payments on time and keep track of them throughout your first year in business.

Registering an S-corporation is similar to registering any type of business, but there are some specific requirements involved with forming an S-corporation

If you want to form an S-corporation for your industrial oils, you’ll need to register with the state and federal government. This process is similar to any other type of business registration, but there are some specific requirements involved with forming an S-corp.

You will have to file both federal and state tax returns for your S-corp. You can also expect a small annual fee from the state where you register your corporation. However, if it turns out that your business doesn’t make enough money during its first year in operation or after several years of operation (if it’s been around longer than four years), then filing taxes may not be necessary at all—it all depends on how much profit (or loss) there was during those years.


If you’re just getting started with your industrial oils business, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily, we have everything you need right here—from registering your company and finding a legal advisor, to learning about the benefits of being an S-corporation and finding funding sources. Once you’ve got all these steps under control and are ready to get down to work, we wish you good luck!

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