How to Register a Copyright for a Forestry Company


A copyright is a form of legal protection that guarantees the rights of a creator and grants them certain exclusive rights in their literary, musical, visual artistic or other works. It is important for any industry to have access to the proper tools to protect themselves as well as their ideas. A forestry company can register with the U.S. Copyright Office and receive protections under federal law which will make it illegal for anyone else to reproduce or distribute your work without your permission.

First Create a Work that is Eligible for Copyright Protection

First, you must create a work that is eligible for copyright protection. The Copyright Act defines “work” as “a musical work, dramatic work, pantomime and choreographic work, a pictorial, graphic or sculptural work, an audiovisual work, a sound recording, or a literary, dramatic or musical composition. A copyright applicant may register any of these types of works in any medium—including books and other forms of writing as well as audio recordings—if the creation meets certain requirements.

You can also apply for protection on an unpublished (i.e., not yet published) version of your previously published book if it has been modified significantly enough since its previous publication to merit new treatment in front of reviewers and the public at large.

You Can Register your Unpublished Work with the Copyright Office

You don’t have to register your work with the Copyright Office to be protected.

The U.S. Copyright Act grants protection to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression (e.g., writing, music, digital audio, images, films) and not published or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office before being distributed—even if you never publish your work at all. The moment you create something new and fix it in some way, it automatically receives copyright protection as soon as it is created by default under federal law without any further action from you (such as registering online or submitting materials).

Some Works are not Eligible for Copyright Protection

Some works are not eligible for copyright protection. These include:

  • Works that do not meet all of the requirements for a work of authorship, such as ideas, procedures, processes, systems and methods of operation
  • Facts
  • Ideas: If you have an idea for a new product or business but have not yet created a tangible expression of it (such as written notes or sketches), then you cannot register your copyright in this idea alone. If you have created a tangible expression of your idea (such as writing it down), then that may be protectable by copyright law. If your work is not eligible for protection under copyright law due to being uncopyrightable subject matter or being ineligible because it lacks originality (for example: standard calendars) then there is no need to register with the U.S Copyright Office at all.

Copyright Registration is Legal, Mandatory, and Fairly Simple

Copyright registration is legal, mandatory, and fairly simple to complete. In the United States, copyright registration is not required for protection of an original work of authorship, however it does provide important benefits such as notice and evidence of a claim to ownership.

For example: if you write a book or song on your own, then you can file for copyright protection once you’ve completed it. While this isn’t necessarily mandatory to protect yourself from others using your work without permission (copyright infringement), it will make sure that any infringements are easily traceable back to the original creator of that piece in question.

If someone else tried using your copyrighted material without permission or credit given back towards them personally (such as taking pictures from their Twitter account without giving credit), registering it would be beneficial when making accusations against them later down the line since there would be proof showing who actually created what was being used improperly by someone else. In other words, it is a proof which shows “who owns” what specific rights belong legally under law terms.

How Long Does it Take For the Application to Get Processed?

The copyright application process generally takes six months or more to complete.

The Copyright Office does not accept incomplete applications. The application must be fully completed in order to be accepted by the Office.

Not all works are eligible for copyright protection in the United States. You should consult with an attorney prior to filing your application if you believe that your work qualifies as a derivative or collective work, or if it contains adaptations of other copyrighted works.

Cost Of a Copyright Registration

  • The cost of a copyright registration is $35 if filed online and $50 if filed on paper.
  • You will not be refunded for the cost of filing your copyright application, regardless of whether it is accepted or rejected.


Registering your copyright is an excellent way to protect the rights to your work. Registration provides certain legal benefits, such as establishing a public record of your claim of authorship in the work and allowing you to file an infringement lawsuit in court. The process is fairly simple, but it does take time (6 months or more) and money ($35 if filed online). If you have any questions about how to register a copyright for Forestry Company, please leave them in the comments below!

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