How to register a copyright for Games and Sporting Goods


A copyright is a form of protection provided to the authors of “original works of authorship,” including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and certain other intellectual works. This protection is available to both published and unpublished works. Upon creation, copyrights exist from the moment they are fixed in a tangible form, even if not printed or otherwise made available to the public. However, registration with the United States Copyright Office is required before any court may award damages in a copyright infringement case against anyone who violates your exclusive rights. Registering also gives you access to remedies that aren’t available for unregistered works.

Register your Copyright Online

Registering your copyright is easy and free. You can register a copyright for games and sporting goods at the U.S. Copyright Office website or through an electronic filing system called eCO. If you’d like to have your work recognized as official artwork, you should use eCO so that it can be entered into their database.

The process of registering your copyright is very straightforward, all you have to do is:

  • Register as the owner of the work(s) in question, providing both your name and address along with information about each piece of work that needs protection (for example, title, author’s name, date created).
  • Submit one copy of each item being registered (this includes games), along with any documents related to them (such as scripts), together with $65 per registration fee paid online via credit card or check/money order made out directly towards “U.S FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION” sent by mail along with printed copies showing proof that payment has been made successfully via PDF format sent via email attachment which all must arrive before midnight on December 31st 2017 if possible but definitely no later than midnight on January 31st 2018 because after this date any unprocessed forms will be returned without review until further notice due specifically to some unexpected technical difficulties encountered during processing timeframes due primarily from insufficient resources available within our department .

Register by Mail with Forms and Fees

As mentioned above, you can register your game or sporting good by mail.

To do this, visit the US Copyright Office website where you will find the required form for the type of work you are registering. Fill it out and mail to:

The Library of Congress

Copyright Office – Mail Stop 751

101 Independence Avenue SE Washington DC 20559-6700

Register your Copyright Before Sending a Company a Pitch of your Product

If you want to protect your work and make it easier to get funding, it’s a good idea to register your copyright before sending a company a pitch of your product.

  • It can help you win in court. If someone steals your game idea and tries to sell it as their own, the courts will side with you if they recognize that the stolen game was based on something too similar to yours for there not to be infringement.
  • It makes it easier for investors or publishers to see how much investment is available, and thus how much money they can offer up front before making any deals with other companies who may have already started making games based on similar ideas (which could lead them all down different paths).


Registering a copyright for your game is important because it protects the originality of your work and allows you to take legal action against people who steal or copy your idea.

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