How to Register a Copyright in Connecticut


If you’re an artist, writer, or musician, you know that protecting your work is important. It’s not enough to just publish your book or record your album—you need to take the extra steps to make sure no one else can use it without permission. You also need to make sure that someone doesn’t try to pass off as their own something they copied from yours (or even worse, steal it completely). Fortunately, there are ways to register a copyright in Connecticut to protect their work.

How to Register a Copyright in Connecticut

Copyright is a form of legal protection that gives you, as an author or artist, the sole right to reproduce and distribute your work. It grants you certain exclusive rights over use of your creation—for example, it allows you to prevent others from copying your work without permission.

A copyright is distinct from a patent because it does not give the creator any rights to make money off their creations (i.e., license them for profit). A copyright only protects against unauthorized copying. It does not provide the owner with any financial return on their work. It would be more appropriate to file a patent for commercial success than a copyright application because patents involve inventions whereas copyrights protect literary works such as novels or songs.

Steps to Register a Copyright

To Register a copyright in Connecticut follow the following steps.

Fill out an Application

You’ll need to fill out an online application through the U.S. Copyright Office’s electronic registration system. You will also be uploading a copy of your work, so make sure you have that ready before you begin.

Registration Fee

If you are making multiple applications at once, you can pay the fee in a single transaction. If you do not do this and make additional registrations later, then each time that occurs there will be an additional filing fee of $35.

The Final Step is Simple

After you submit your application, the U.S. Copyright Office will respond via email when they have received it, and it could take several months for your application to be reviewed and approved. Once it’s been approved, they will send you a certificate via mail that certifies your copyright and provides proof you can use in court should someone try to infringe upon it in the future.


The registration process for a copyright may seem lengthy and complicated, but following these steps will streamline it for you. The first step is to visit the U.S. Copyright Office website. It will direct you to a page where you can register your work with them by filling out their online form with all the information they need about your work. Once this step is complete, you’ll submit payment through an electronic check or credit card transaction (which takes place on another page). You will have to pay $35 per work submission for copyright protection.

The final step in registering your work with the U.S Copyright Office is attaching copies of proof of ownership with each submission. This means submitting photocopies of legal documents that show who owns what rights over each piece within a work before sending them off into cyberspace where no one will ever see them again except maybe some lawyers looking into whether or not someone else has copied something from that same thing without permission from whoever owns those rights.


The registration process for a copyright may seem lengthy and complicated, but following these steps will streamline it for you. If you want to make sure that your work is protected from the beginning, then make sure to register it as soon as possible after publication or creation, You can also take advantage of other benefits such as extended statutory damages if someone infringes on your copyright without permission.

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