How to Register a Copyright in Florida


Registering copyright in Florida is a simple process, and you can do it electronically or with paper forms. You must complete an application form, pay a fee and deposit two copies of your work into the Library of Congress. The registration process takes about eight months to process. We have created a guide on how to register a copyright in Florida and following are the steps you need to follow in order to do that.

How to Register Copyright in Florida

Copyright is a way to protect original works of authorship like books, music and films.

The protection provided by a copyright gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to:

  • reproduce it in copies or phonorecords
  • distribute copies or phonorecords of the work to the public (by sale, rental, lease or lending)
  • perform the work publicly
  • display the work publicly

Go Through the Federal Database

Before you file, search the federal database to see if a prior registration exists. If you were to register your work and the same work had already been registered, it would be much harder to sue for infringement.

Federal law prohibits anyone from registering more than one copyright on the same material at the same time. So if someone else has already registered their version, even if that person’s rights are in dispute or they have never actually used their registration, then you can’t move forward with yours either.

Register Multiple Works in a Single Application

You may register multiple works in a single application by grouping published and unpublished works into collections. For example, if you want to register your novel, play, and screenplay all together as a collection of literary works, at least one of the literary works must be published.

The registration is not complete until you pay the $50 publication fee or publish the work within 3 months after receiving a certificate of registration.

You can also register multiple collections in a single application if a single author has assembled them(or other claimant) and are related by subject matter or theme.

Complete Your Application within 3 Months

If you wish to copyright published works, you must complete your registration application within three months of publication. However, if the work is unpublished and not published in a fixed form, you have one year from the date of creation to file for copyright protection.

If you want to register multiple works in a single application (for example, if you are writing a book and want to register both an excerpt from it and the entire book), then you can do so as long as they are owned by one author or creator (or both). You may file electronically or with paper forms; however, filing electronically costs less money than doing so on paper. If you file by mail then USPS Express Mail will get it there quickly. However, it costs more than regular First Class Mail which tends to take longer than Express Mail but costs less money overall. Both options may require additional postage depending on how much material each package includes.

File Electronically

In order to register copyright in Florida, you’ll need to file a Form TX with the U.S. Copyright Office. You can either file electronically or with paper forms, but if you want to get your registration done quickly and easily, it’s best to choose electronic submission. By using an online submission service like ours at eCopy-Rights Manager, you can submit your application right from home—and that means: no trip downtown or long wait at the post office! You don’t even have to be awake when we submit; we’ll do all of that work for you at night (or whenever else is most convenient).

Steps to Register a Copyright in Florida

Whether you’re a writer, musician, photographer or any other type of creator, it’s important to know how to register your copyright in Florida. It is not a requirement to do so and no one can take away your rights as an artist simply because you haven’t registered them, registering your copyright is still a smart move. It gives you more legal recourse should anyone try to steal your work or profit from it without crediting you. You can learn more about the benefits of registering copyright here:

To register your copyright in Florida and protect your work from people who may steal it, follow these easy steps:

  • Decide whether or not you want a formal certificate of registration for each item that you submit for registration (this isn’t necessary to obtain but will give added protection). If so then complete Form COE-11a; if not then complete Form COE-3b instead (COE stands for Certificate of Registration). Note that even though COE stands for Certificate of Claimant this form will still be used even if there are no claimants on the submitted items!
  • Group all related works together that have been published along with any unpublished works that have been grouped into collections (this means they were created at roughly the same time but aren’t necessarily related). These would include things like poems within an anthology collection or songs within an album recorded by a band). Then either electronically file these forms through www​/​Copyright​America​online​or mail them using Form COAa-4b along with payment information such as credit card information via check or money order made out to U S Copyright Office – P O Box 70400 Washington DC 20024.

Cost for Electronic Filing

The cost for electronic filing is $35, while it’s $65 for paper applications.

You can find the application forms and a list of fees online at

Application Processing Time

The length of time it takes to process a registration application varies greatly due to the workload of the Copyright Office. For example, if you submit your application by mail, it can take four to eight months for your registration certificate to arrive in the mail. If you submit your application electronically or through an online service provider like Filing Wizard, processing times are typically much faster—between two weeks and two months depending on whether you file online or through an electronic service provider.

We recommend applying as soon as possible if there is any chance that you need protection quickly.

Registering Your Work Isn’t Hard

You can register your work in Florida. The Copyright Office will keep your application on file for up to 30 years, so you’ll be able to renew the copyright protection if necessary. You can also register multiple works at one time and pay a single fee by using an “online” eCO registration system or paper forms that you fill out yourself.

As an alternative to registering your own work, you can use the “poor man’s” copyright method. Write down what you want protected and send it with a self-addressed envelope asking for return of the material if there is any interest in it; this method does not provide any legal protection but may deter others from plagiarizing your writing if they are aware that it exists somewhere (and where).


The rules for registering copyright in Florida are pretty straightforward, so it shouldn’t be too hard to do. Stop worrying about whether a work qualifies for copyright protection and check the Copyright Office’s website for more information on what they consider eligible material.


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