How to Register a Copyright in Idaho


Copyright law is meant to protect original works of art, music, literature, and other creative endeavors. But what if you’ve created something on your own time, or even as part of your job? Register a copyright in Idaho if you want to protect your work from piracy and theft by others.

Have you Created Something?

If you have created a new work, whether it is an artistic or literary work, then you may have been able to register a copyright in Idaho. To do this, you must be the author of the work and either own all of the rights to that work or have been granted permission from another party to use their copyrighted material. Examples of works that can be copyrighted include websites, blog posts, and books.

About Copyright

  • To protect your original work, consider registering your copyright.
  • Copyright is automatic, so you don’t have to register it. However, if a work is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office within three months after publication or on or before the 28th birthday of the author (whichever comes later), statutory damages and attorney’s fees will be available for claims of infringement by others.
  • Registering a work does not give an author control over it; that control already exists under common law (meaning legal customs). Registration gives notice to third parties that an author owns his or her creation and allows that person to take legal action against infringers in federal court if necessary. This protection lasts for 70 years after creation or 95 years from the first publication (for anonymous works).
  • Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects creative works such as books, songs, movies, and artworks created by individuals who hold copyright ownership over them in most cases—not corporations like Disney Studios which owns copyrights on its properties like Mickey Mouse but doesn’t own “Mickey Mouse” itself because those are considered trademarks rather than copyrights under UCC laws governing trademark/copyright matters in America today.”

Benefits of Registering a Copyright

  • Registering a copyright protects your original artistic or literary works, giving you the right to take legal action if someone infringes upon your copyright.
  • You can’t register a copyright for a work that is already in the public domain. As soon as something is published, it’s no longer protected by copyright laws and anyone can use it freely.
  • It’s also important to note that you cannot register an idea — only the expression of an idea (e.g., your novel).

Copyright law in Idaho

If you are the creator of a work, you automatically hold copyright protection in that work. Copyright is an exclusive right afforded to creators and their successors for a limited time. If a work is copied without permission from its creator, the creator can bring a lawsuit against the violator for damages.

Copyright law in Idaho provides that works are protected by law if they are:

  • original.
  • fixed in a tangible medium of expression.
  • possessed with an intent to distribute.

Copyright Infringement Penalties

Penalties for copyright infringement vary from country to country, but they can still be serious. In the United States, penalties typically include damages and profits earned by the infringer during the time period of infringement. Additionally, courts may also order an injunction against continued infringement or display of infringing materials. For example:

In Idaho, copyright holders may recover actual damages (including both monetary and non-monetary losses) and statutory damages up to $30,000 per work infringed, or in cases where there are multiple works involved at once—$750 per work infringed if it’s a first offense or $1,500 per work infringed if it’s not your first offense within three years preceding this lawsuit filing date (Idaho Code §57-1401). This means that even if you’re only making $100 off each sale of your widget—you’d still owe around $7500 in statutory damages just for having copies out there on social media!

More about Registering your Copyright in Idaho

Copyright law is a complex area of law that can have far-reaching consequences. If you are an artist or writer, it is important that you understand how to protect yourself from copyright infringement.

If you believe that your work has been copied without permission by another person or corporation, this should be handled as soon as possible so that you can minimize any financial damages and avoid having legal fees pile up.


This guide will help you to register a copyright in Idaho and will assist you in taking further measures to protect your copyright.

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