How to Register a Games and Sporting Goods Company on Amazon


Selling products on Amazon is a good way to get your merchandise in front of lots of people. It has a very large customer base and is an easy way to get started selling your products. Amazon also has resources for sellers and tools that make it possible for you, as an individual or team of sellers, to grow your company quickly.

Professional Seller Criteria

To register as a professional seller, you will need:

  • A bank account in the US or Canada
  • To be 18 years old or older
  • To obtain a US social security number (SSN) or business license if you don’t already have one
  • The ability to ship products for your customers—this means having a shipping address where Amazon can send items sold via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Create an Amazon Selling Account

Registering on Amazon is very easy, and you can do it in a few minutes. You will need to have an Amazon account and will need to provide your name and email address, as well as some other information such as your credit card information. Once that’s done, go ahead and fill out the registration form.

Choosing a Selling Plan

Amazon offers three different selling plans: Basic, Pro, and Merchant. The Basic plan is free and lets you sell 20 products per month. The Pro plan costs $39.99 per month and allows you to list unlimited products. Finally, the Merchant plan costs $79.99 per month and includes access to Amazon’s APIs (application programming interface).

Bank Account Information

The bank account information you provide will be used to deposit funds from Amazon. You must have a U.S. bank account in the same name as your seller name with sufficient funds to cover your tax obligations, which are calculated monthly on sales volume and any refunds you may owe, beginning April 15th of each year. If you do not have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover these obligations by April 15th, then Amazon will begin charging fees against your seller account until they are paid in full.


When you register your account, Amazon will ask you to agree to the terms and conditions of its website. These include an arbitration agreement, which means that if there is a dispute between you and Amazon at any time in the future, it will be settled by an arbitrator instead of in court. The arbitration agreement also allows for class action lawsuits—a group lawsuit where people who have similar claims are represented together by one or more lawyers.


We hope you find this article helpful in learning how to register games and sporting goods companies on Amazon. While there are multiple steps to take, once you have finished the process, you will be able to sell your products on Amazon at any time.

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