How to Register a Trademark for Communication Equipment


Trademarks are a valuable asset that can help you protect your brand and prevent others from using it. Registering trademarks is a process that takes time and money, but it’s worth it.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps of how to register a trademark for Communication Equipment:

1. Decide what to Register.

Before you register, it is important to understand what a trademark is and how it can protect your brand. A trademark or service mark is a word, phrase, or symbol used by businesses to distinguish their goods and services from competitors’ goods.

A collective mark indicates membership in an association or group that uses a particular symbol to identify itself.

A certification mark identifies goods or services that meet certain standards set by an independent organization such as underwriters’ laboratories for electrical appliances.

2. Conduct a Trademark Search and Clearance.

Before you proceed with the trademark registration process, it’s important to conduct a search and clearance of any similar marks. This will prevent your application from being rejected by the USPTO during an examination or contested later by another party. Conducting a trademark search involves searching for similar marks, conflicting marks, conflicting goods and services, conflicting owners, conflicting jurisdictions, and dates of use through the USPTO online database. Even though you may have conducted extensive research into your proposed mark before applying for registration, it’s always beneficial to double-check that no one else has already registered it—or anything that sounds like it—in any other jurisdiction in which you plan to sell your products.

3. Prepare and File the Application.

The next step is to prepare and file an application for your trademark. To do this, you must fill out a form called a “Statement of Use” and submit it with your filing fee to USPTO.

The USPTO will send you an email indicating that they received your application on the date you selected in step two (or they’ll notify you if there were any problems). If they find any issues with your application, such as missing documents or inaccurate information, they will send it back to be amended before they can proceed further.

Once approved by the examiner, it takes approximately 12 months for a new trademark registration to become active once approved by the examiner (and six months if filing under Madrid Protocol).

4. Respond to Office Actions.

You must respond to an Office Action within six months of its issuance. If you do not respond within this time frame, your application will be deemed abandoned and the USPTO will cancel it.

Following receipt of a response from you, the USPTO will either issue a Certificate of Registration (for use in commerce) or publish a Notice of Allowance (for use with intent to use).

5. Monitor for Opposition and Cancellations.

You should monitor the status of your application by checking the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system. You can also check the status of your application on the TTAB website. If an opposition is filed, you will receive a notice.

Once you have registered a trademark with the USPTO, it’s important to keep monitoring for oppositions and cancellations. If you do not respond to opposition within six months, then the court may cancel your trademark registration.

6. Renew your Registration, if necessary

Once the registration certificate for a trademark is issued, it can be renewed for 10-year periods. The renewal fee will be $400 per class of goods and services.


The process for registering a trademark on Communication Equipment is an extensive one. There are many steps to be taken, and each one is important. While it may seem overwhelming at first, following these steps will ensure that your application is successful in reaching the finish line.

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