How to Register a Trademark in Iowa


You’ve got a killer idea for a new product. You’re done with the research, you’ve filed all the paperwork, and now you’re ready to register your trademark in Iowa. But where do you start? Is it possible to register a trademark in Iowa yourself? And what do you need in order to do so? We’ll cover all of that and more in this guide!

Steps to Register a Trademark in Iowa

1. Determine whether Trademark Protection is Appropriate for your Business

Before you register a trademark, it’s important to understand why this is an important step. A trademark is a word or symbol (or design) that identifies the source of goods or services. The purpose of registering your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is to prevent others from using it in connection with similar goods or services and to establish your exclusive rights against those who do so anyway.

2. Do a Trademark Search to Avoid Conflicts

Search the database to make sure your trademark doesn’t conflict with another registered trademark or pending application.

Searching the database is a good idea, but it’s not required. You can do a search of the database for free. A search can help you avoid conflicts with other trademarks that are already registered or pending applications in Iowa. If you find that there are conflicts, you may want to file an application anyway so you can use your mark in other states and countries.

3. File an application online

Go to the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) to file an application online. Use TEAS to file your trademark application electronically and submit payment by credit card or eCheck. You’ll also be able to request a filing receipt for a mark that has been searched, but not yet approved for publication in the Official Gazette, which is a weekly publication of the USPTO.

4. Pay the Fee and Reply to the Office Actions

Once you have submitted your application and it is accepted, you will receive a notice of allowance (NOA). You must pay the registration fee within six months of receiving the NOA. If you do not pay within that time frame, your application will be abandoned and you must start over.

You may also be required to reply to an office action from the USPTO if they find that some aspect of your trademark is not acceptable for registration. If this happens, include any necessary changes or corrections along with payment of additional fees associated with those changes

5. Maintain your Application by Filing Paperwork for Renewals

If you want to maintain your trademark, you must file paperwork for renewals and other matters as required by the trademark office. You can file a renewal application any time prior to the expiration of your registration, but if you wait until the last minute, it may be too late for them to act on it before your registration expires. To avoid this hassle, make sure that when it comes time for renewal applications (which is six years after filing), do not procrastinate in filing them. This can include paying any fees associated with maintaining your mark through use and renewal as well as responding to office actions from time-to-time throughout those six years.


To protect your brand from infringement and counterfeiting, you can register a trademark with the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. But don’t wait until you are faced with a problem to register your trademark. You can protect your brand at any time.

In order to register your trademark, you must be the owner of the mark and have use in commerce. This means that you must have used the mark in connection with goods or services in the past 18 months before filing for registration; if there is no evidence of use within 18 months, an affidavit of non-use must be filed at that time instead.


We hope this article has given you the information you need to register your trademark in Iowa. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be glad to help you out.

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