How to Register a Trademark in Kansas


If you’re ready to make your brand a household name, it’s time to register your trademark. But what is a trademark? A trademark identifies a business’ good or service by distinguishing it from other businesses. Trademarks can be registered for words and logos that are used in association with products or services—and they can be used as an indicator of the origin of goods and services sold by one company over another. Trademark registration is a good way to protect your brand and prevent others from using the same or similar name. In this article, we will show you how to register a trademark in Kansas. Follow the below-mentioned steps to gain clarity.

Step 1: Check the USPTO Database

The first step in the process of registering a trademark is to check the USPTO database to see if someone else already registered your trademark. If you find your name already listed, you will be able to file an application for your mark and proceed with filing forms. If you do not find your name on the list, then you can file an application for that mark as well.

Step 2: Choose a Firm or File yourself

You can either choose to hire a firm or file yourself. You will pay more for hiring a firm than filing yourself, but if you are looking for convenience and speed, this option is your best bet. Filing yourself may take longer than expected because of the amount of information that needs to be provided. However, filing yourself will save you money!

Step 3: Receive an Application Number

  • You will receive a filing receipt that identifies the date of receipt and provides information about how to retrieve a copy of your application.
  • With that, you will also receive a notice of allowance after you submit your fee and other documents, which tells you that the USPTO has allowed (accepted) your application to proceed toward registration.
  • If there are any objections or corrections to be made to your trademark, you may be directed by the USPTO to file an amendment with specific changes before proceeding further with the registration process. This is called a “formal notice of allowance” that gives instructions for amending your application before it is published for opposition periods and other deadlines arrive as part of the registration process

Gain Legal Protection

A registered trademark provides legal protection against infringement, but not against imitation. That’s why it’s important to use common sense when marketing yourself. If there’s no way someone else could confuse your product/service with their branding elements, then there’s no need to worry about registering them!


Trademarks help differentiate between two different kinds of businesses when presented side-by-side on a shelf. Shoppers might think twice about buying something labeled “Naughty Dog” if they know its manufacturer only makes dog food. Once consumers see both products side by side together – maybe even listed next door to each other – then it becomes clear who makes which kind of product based on only reading those three letters at first glance instead having all five words spelled out first.


If you follow the steps we outlined above, you should be able to successfully register your trademark in Kansas.

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