How to Register a Trademark in New Hampshire


Registering a trademark is the best way to protect your business from competitors and prevent them from using your brand name. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes your goods or services from those of others.  It can be used to register both logos and words. After you register a trademark in New Hampshire, you establish exclusive rights to use it in connection with an identified class of goods or services and within certain jurisdictions. follow the below-mentioned steps to register your trademark in New Hampshire.

Step 1: Choose your Mark

The first step in the trademark process is to choose a mark. A mark can be any identifier that distinguishes your business from others, such as a name, logo, or slogan.

Your goal is to select a distinctive and unique mark that is not confusingly similar to other trademarks or likely to become generic. You must also ensure that there are no other trademarks in New Hampshire that are confusingly similar to yours or otherwise infringe on your rights as the owner of existing trademark registration.

Step 2: Search your Trademark

This step is crucial because you won’t be able to apply for a trademark if there are already similar marks on record.

You can search the USPTO database of registered trademarks by visiting and entering your proposed mark in the “Trademark Search” field at the top of that page. You may also use their Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) service, which allows you to run broad searches across all classes of goods and services as well as international classifications, but only within the United States and Puerto Rico (and Canada).

Step 3: Start the Trademark Application

Once you’ve reviewed the above information and determined that your trademark is eligible for registration in New Hampshire, you’ll want to start a trademark application. You can file a trademark application online or by mail, fax, or in person. If you choose to file by mail or fax, be sure that your documents are sent using certified mail with the return receipt requested so that we have proof of delivery.

If you’re filing an online application for the first time on the website, please select “Create Account.” You’ll need to enter basic contact information about yourself (name/address) and then create a password for future use on this site.

Step 4: File your Trademark Application

The USPTO will issue a filing receipt, which is proof of your trademark’s initial filing. This is not a registration certificate; it doesn’t prove ownership or validity of your mark. In fact, it has nothing to do with whether or not something is valid; it simply proves that your application was filed in the first place and gives you the date on which you submitted it.

Step 5: Response to the Office Action

If the USPTO issues a final rejection, you can respond to the office action by filing a response with the USPTO. You can also respond to an office action by filing an amendment or statement of use.

Step 6: Acceptance, Registration, and Publication

Once your trademark application has been accepted, the Office of the Secretary of State will send you a notice of acceptance or rejection. If accepted, your mark will be registered and published in the Trademark Gazette. If rejected, there are several options available to you:

  • You can appeal the decision by filing an appeal brief within 30 days of receipt of the letter notifying you that your application has been rejected.
  • You can file another trademark application based on different goods or services than those listed in this current application (this should only be done if there are significant changes to the goods/services).
  • You can pay additional fees and submit an amendment to correct any deficiencies noted by the office (this would involve resubmitting all documents required for new registration).


The basic process is similar in all states. You will first file your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and wait for approval, then register your trademark in each state where you plan to use it. If you’re planning to create a global brand, this means registering your trademark in every country where you want to sell or distribute products that carry your mark.

Before applying for federal registration, take the time to research the availability of your proposed mark by searching existing trademarks at This will give you an idea of how competitive it may be among similar marks already registered with the USPTO, as well as its chances of being approved by them.

Once approved by the USPTO, a trademark must be registered separately within each state where it’s actually used commercially (i.,e., sold regularly). This can be expensive if done on an individual basis because different states charge different prices per class based on various factors such as annual sales volume or number of employees working full-time just maintaining their operations from year-to-year–but luckily there are ways around these costs too!


The process to register a trademark in New Hampshire is fairly straightforward, but there are some important steps to remember. First, you need to choose the mark that you want to register. Then you should search the USPTO database to make sure that no one else has already registered this trademark. Next, file an application and respond promptly if the USPTO sends any questions back to you. Finally, accept the registration when it comes through and publish your new mark with all other trademarks and service marks in New Hampshire!

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