How to Register a Yarns and Threads Business on Amazon


Yarn and threads have been used to create beautiful and intricate textiles for centuries. They are now popular for making a variety of items such as clothing, accessories, home decorations, and crafts. With the rise of e-commerce, selling your yarn and threads business on Amazon has become a great option for many entrepreneurs. Amazon offers a wide selection of yarn and threads, making it an ideal platform for selling your product. In this article, we will discuss how to register a yarn and threads business on Amazon, why should you do so, and the steps you need to take to get started.

Why Should you Register?

Selling yarn and threads on Amazon can be advantageous. One of the biggest pros is the sheer reach that the platform provides. Amazon is one of the most visited websites in the world and it gives your business access to a global audience. In addition, Amazon’s fulfillment services make it easy to store, package, and ship your products. Amazon also provides a variety of marketing tools to help you reach customers and promote your business.

Apply for an Amazon Seller Account

You can start an Amazon seller account from your computer or mobile device. To get started, visit the Amazon Seller Central home page and click on “Sign Up Now.” You will need to provide your business information, including a name, email address, phone number, and tax ID. If you have a U.S.-based bank account and Social Security number, you should be able to register for free with no other fees associated with it; however, if you plan on selling internationally through the platform or wish to sell products through Prime Now or Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), there may be additional fees required by these services.

Choose a Selling Plan

When you’re ready to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to decide which plan is best for your business. Each plan has different features and costs. With the Individual Selling Plan, there are no fees associated with listing products on Amazon. The Professional Selling Plan gives sellers access to additional services like Inventory Management and FBA Prep Service (which helps sellers prepare products for storage at an Amazon fulfillment center).

Product Listings

In the “List Your Products and Brands” section of Seller Central, you will first be asked to create a product page. Here you can list all the information about your yarns and threads like their title, description, image, features, specifications, and weight. This is where you will also set the price for each item.

Before listing an item on Amazon it is important that you understand how to make sure that customers are buying what they want to buy by doing research into what other similar products are selling for by looking at competitor listings. If there are no competitors then look at other products in your category as well as ones that may not be in your category but cater to a similar audience or market segment because they could still influence consumer purchasing behavior even though they aren’t direct competitors per se (e-commerce).

Shipping Details

Now that you’ve determined how you’ll fulfill orders, it’s time to set up your shipping settings.

You can choose from a variety of shipping services and the most common are:

  • Amazon Fulfilled:

This is the default option for new sellers and uses Amazon’s warehouses and delivery network. You get an Amazon-branded packing slip with each order, which can help increase sales when customers see their deliveries come from such a recognizable brand.

  • Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP):

With this service, buyers must pay $99 per month plus variable fees for Prime membership in order to qualify for free two-day shipping on eligible items sold by Amazon merchants who use SFP (although some small sellers are not eligible).


There are 5 steps to creating a new store on Amazon. Make sure you follow them all!

  • Step 1: Create an account. You can do this on the website, or you can use the mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices
  • Step 2: Fill out your seller information (name, address, etc.). This will be publically visible in your seller profile so make sure it has what you want it to say
  • Step 3: Fill out tax information if applicable – this step is optional but highly recommended if you want to avoid audits by Amazon! Note that if there aren’t any taxes associated with selling yarns & threads then there won’t be anything here either
  • Step 4: Add inventory data including product SKUs (stock-keeping units) into their inventory management system called Seller Central which will allow them access from anywhere at any time


Registering your yarn and threads business on Amazon is a great way to reach a global audience and expand your business. It’s easy to do and can help you take your business to the next level. However, there are some important things you need to consider before jumping in.

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