How to Register an Education Business on Amazon


Amazon is a huge marketplace with millions of products for sale. It’s no surprise that many people want to sell educational materials on Amazon, and it can be an excellent way to make money from your expertise. However, there are some restrictions on what you can sell and how you can sell it.

Create a Seller Central Account

To sell on Amazon, you need to create a Seller Central account and register your education business with Amazon. Once you’ve done this, your products will be listed on the site and available for purchase. Signing up for an Amazon Seller Central account is not very difficult.

To do so:

  • Go to the Sign Up page on the Seller Central page and click on “Register Now”
  • Complete the registration form with your name, address, email address and other details requested by Amazon (such as credit card information)
  • After you’ve registered your account, Amazon will send you an email with a link to activate it. Click on this link and enter the code provided into the box that appears

Select a Suitable Plan

Amazon offers several different types of plans to help you sell your products on the platform, but deciding which one is right for you can be a little difficult. That’s why we’re here to help you make an informed decision.

To start, keep in mind that all of Amazon’s education business plan options come with free access to all of the company’s Seller Central tools and services (like their fulfillment service). This means that even if you choose the most affordable plan—which costs just $39 per month—you’ll still be able to take advantage of everything else they have to offer.

If your goal is simply getting started with Amazon as quickly as possible and seeing if your business will succeed there before making any larger commitments, then selecting one of their cheaper plans might be wise.

Industry and Location

You should first decide which industry and location your business falls into. The most obvious choice is to search for relevant products in the Amazon Partner Network (APN) directory and choose a category that fits your educational services.

Once you have decided on an industry, you can choose a location based on proximity to schools or institutions that need your services. If your business is international, Amazon supports the global distribution of products—but it’s important to note that each country has different tax regulations and logistics barriers that may affect how well the product sells.

Tax Information

After you’ve set up your Business Account, you can always change the tax information for your business. Some important notes about this process:

  • You can set up your tax information at any time before or during the registration process. It’s not necessary to wait until after your account is approved
  • You have three options for setting up tax information: US, UK, and Germany. If you do not live in any of these countries, then click “All other locations”. This will allow you to specify all locations that are applicable to your business. If you’re unsure which location applies to your home country, click “All locations” when prompted by Amazon at the end of this section below

Verify your Identity

To verify your identity, you will need to upload one of the following:

  • A photo of your government-issued ID
  • A photo of your passport
  • A photo of your driver’s license
  • A photo of a bill or utility statement with both sides visible


Now that you know how to register a business on Amazon, you should be well on your way to creating an account and getting started.

  • Selecting a suitable plan will ensure your success. It’s important to think about industry and location when selecting the right plan for your education business. You’ll also need to provide tax information and verify your identity before moving forward with registration.
  • Make sure all of the information is accurate during this process, including any contact details or bank account numbers required by Amazon. This information won’t be visible once you’ve set up an account, but it may affect how long it takes you to get approved by them as well as what products are available for sale through your store once it’s live.


Once you have your account and all the proper information, it’s time to begin selling on Amazon. The process is fairly straightforward and can be done in just minutes by following a few simple steps. It’s also important to remember that Amazon is a massive marketplace with millions of customers and sellers, so it’s important not to get discouraged after your first sale.

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