How to Register an LLC for Hand tools


If you’re looking to start a hand tool business, you’ll be glad to hear that by forming an LLC, it’s possible to protect your personal assets from business liabilities. This can also be useful if you want to pursue other ventures later on down the road! Here’s how:

Form an LLC to protect your Personal Assets

An LLC is a good option for businesses that are just starting out. The protection of personal assets from business liabilities is one reason why. Another reason why you might want to form an LLC is that it allows for pass-through tax treatment, meaning profits and losses are passed through to the owners. In other words, you don’t need to pay taxes on your business earnings until you take them out of the business.

Choose a name that’s not already in use in your state

As you select your business name, keep in mind that it must be unique. The best way to ensure this is to check the business name database of your state’s department of commerce or equivalent agency.

In many states, a searchable database allows you to determine whether another company has already registered the same or similar name—and if so, whether they’re still in operation. You may also want to search online by using Google or other search engines and looking for other businesses with similar names that are located near yours. If you find any matches, contact them directly to see if they’ll allow you to use the name for your LLC.

Prepare and file the Articles of Organization with the state

There are two ways to prepare the Articles of Organization form. You can either download the form from your state’s website or you can get it from your county clerk’s office. The first step is to fill out all the required information on the form, including:

  • Name of your business and its address;
  • Name and address of a registered agent; and
  • Tax identification number (if applicable).

Get an EIN

An EIN is a unique number assigned by the IRS used to identify businesses and their related tax returns. You can apply for an EIN using Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number (PDF). Once you’ve applied, the IRS will email you a confirmation notice within 24 hours if you’ve been approved.

It’s important that you keep track of all correspondence with the IRS and always know your business’s EIN—you won’t be able to file taxes without it!

Create an Operating Agreement

When writing your own operating agreement:

  • Include general information about your business, such as its name and address, along with more specific details about what activities it will engage in and how those activities will be conducted. For example, if your business involves selling tools online, you may want to include a clause stating that all contracts must be made electronically (via email sent to This way there won’t be any confusion later on when trying to figure out whether an order was made by email or over the phone while dealing with multiple customers at once!
  • Establish rules governing management decisions such as deciding who gets paid what salary each year (I’m talking about YOU here) so everyone knows what their role is within this new venture together.”

Open a Business Bank Account

  • Open both the; business bank account and a business checking account.
  • Open a business savings account.
  • Open a business credit card, if you don’t already have one.
  • Open a line of credit with your bank, which can be used as overdraft protection or just as an extra backup source in case things get tight financially for your company someday down the road—and they inevitably will!
  • Set up business licensing and permits.
  • License requirements vary by state. Some states require a business license and permit, while others do not. In general, the more you sell goods in your state, the more complicated it will be to open a new LLC.
  • The tax requirements for an LLC are similar to those of corporations. The IRS requires that you file an annual return and pay taxes on any profits made from your hand tools business’ activities.

Having your own hand tools business is easier than you think if you take the right steps at the beginning

In order to start an LLC, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to keep in mind that your business name must be unique—you cannot use a name that’s already in use by another company within your state. If a similar company exists in another state, however, you can use their name as long as it’s not too close to yours.

After obtaining a unique LLC name for your business, it’s time to form one! You can do this by filing Articles of Organization with the state in which you would like to register your business entity. This document contains basic information about how many owners will be involved with running this new venture, where they reside, and what kind of industry they plan on working within/marketing towards.


We hope this article has given you the confidence to start your own hand tools business. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! We’d love to hear from you.

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