How to Register an LLC for Machines


If you’re starting a new business, the process can seem overwhelming. But if it’s your first time registering an LLC, it can be even more daunting. Fortunately, this article will provide you with all of the information you need to complete this task successfully — and quickly.

Determine whether your company is a DBA, sole proprietorship, partnership, C Corporation, or S Corporation

  • DBA stands for “doing business as,” and is a term used when a business has not registered a formal name. For example, if you operate an LLC but have not yet registered your official LLC name with the state, you can still conduct business under your own name or other names that are not yet registered.
  • A sole proprietorship is a one-person company where the owner provides all of the services to customers, such as plumbing or web design. The owner takes 100% of profits from their work and keeps it in their personal bank account; there’s no need to file paperwork or tax returns because this type of business does not require them (though some states may have laws requiring sole proprietorships to register).
  • Partnerships consist of two or more people who form an agreement in which they share ownership, profits, and liabilities equally between themselves; these partnerships often take on titles like “Joint Venture” instead of “Partnership” because they’re so similar in structure!

Form an (LLC) by filing Articles of Organization

Forming an LLC begins with filing Articles of Organization with the state in which you plan to operate. In most states, it’s easy and inexpensive to file articles of organization. The article can be filed online or by mail, depending on the rules set by your state’s secretary of state or department of commerce.

Once your articles have been approved and processed, you must obtain a federal employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS. This process usually takes about 24 hours for online applications; if you apply by mail, it may take three weeks or more depending on weather conditions and staff availability at local IRS offices.

The next step is paying applicable fees with your state’s secretary of state or department of commerce office so that they can issue your certificate of formation (COF), which acts as evidence for all other filings you’ll make later on down the line as an LLC owner or manager.”

Apply for an employer identification number (EIN)

An employer identification number (EIN) is a tax ID number for your business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or an LLC. The IRS requires that you have one if you plan to hire employees and file tax returns with the agency.

The EIN can be obtained by phone or online, and it doesn’t require a Social Security Number (SSN). If you don’t have employees, however, there’s no need to apply for an EIN because all businesses with $500 in gross receipts must use their SSNs as their tax ID numbers instead of applying for separate business IDs.

Draft Registration Agreements

A registration agreement is a critical part of forming your LLC. It is the document where you will lay out the terms and conditions for how everyone involved in your business will share profits and losses encountered by the business. Having this set up ahead of time ensures that everyone knows what to expect from each other, so there are no surprises down the road. If you don’t have one signed before starting operations, it can cause serious problems later on if there are disagreements about how profits should be divided or how expenses should be paid for.

A registration agreement does not need to be complicated; you just need it to cover these topics:

  • Who owns what percentage of your company? How much ownership does each person/entity own? What happens if someone wants out or needs more time but isn’t able to pay back their investment yet? If someone needs more time because they’re finishing school right now but still wants a 100% return on their investment when they finish school next year, should they get it? What happens if we decide as a group that “Company X” needs more capital than we expected — which means that instead of selling shares at $10 per share with a promise of $1 annually until repayment plus interest (which might even exceed our initial projected earnings), we decided instead on selling all remaining stock at $20 per share with no obligation whatsoever — does this mean that anyone who bought shares at $10 now has less value than those who did not buy until after we increased prices? Or should everyone be treated equally regardless of when they invested money into our company’s success?”

Ensure that you possess all required licenses, permits

Before conducting business activities in your state, you should ensure that you possess all required licenses, permits, or certifications. Depending on your industry, these could include:

  • Business License
  • Certificate of incorporation (or similar document)
  • Tax identification number

 Draft a limited liability Agreement describing the operations of the LLC

  • Write articles of incorporation detailing the business’ purpose, structure, and financial information, or draft a limited liability agreement describing the operations of the LLC. Articles of incorporation are filed with the secretary of state once they are complete. The owners sign and file these forms when starting an LLC, which can be done online or by mail. The articles typically list information such as:
  • The name and address of your business, as well as its registered agent;
  • How many members there are in your LLC;
  • Whether there will be any classes in your company, such as voting shares and nonvoting shares;
  • What percentage of each member owns in this class structure if applicable;
  • Any restrictions on transferring ownership interest within or outside of the company;
  • Additional details about how profits will be distributed among all members if applicable.

Complete a statement of information

The statement of information is a document in which the LLC owner(s) declare their intent to use the LLC for business purposes. It must be filed with the state office within 90 days of registering your new entity.

  • You must complete this form for each individual who will be involved in running your company—including yourself if you are an owner of the company. If there are multiple members and/or managers, everyone should sign and submit their own copies so that they can be submitted at different times if need be (for example, if one member or manager has moved away).
  • Additionally, it’s important to note that completing this form does not automatically register your company with any agencies—it is simply a declaration by those who wish to make use of an LLC as a legal entity. However, registration must still be completed according to state laws before creating contracts or opening bank accounts on behalf of your business.

Pay annual filing fees

The secretary of state will send you a bill for annual filing fees. You must pay these before the due date or you’ll risk being fined or even having your LLC suspended or revoked by the government. The amount of these fees can vary based on your location and other factors, but they typically cost between $100 and $500 per year depending on where you set up shop.

The other periodic report that some states require an LLC owner to file is an “informational statement,” which tells everyone how many members there are in the company (the number can change over time) and what kinds of businesses each member does within their organization.

Registering an LLC adds credibility to your new business

It shows you are serious about setting up your new venture and you are committed to making it succeed. By registering an LLC, you also make it easier for others to do business with you because they know that they can trust that the company is legitimate. This can help when seeking funding or attracting investors, as well as employees who are more likely to want to work for a company that is registered with the state than a sole proprietorship or another type of informal business structure.


You’ve reached the end of our article on how to register an LLC for machines. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

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