How to Register an IT Company on Amazon


Registering your Amazon seller account is a straightforward process and will take only a few minutes. You can register your business on the Seller Central portal, which is free to use. However, if you want access to additional features like data insights and inventory management tools, then you’ll need to sign up for a Professional Selling Plan.

Register Your Business

To register your company, you’ll need to have a legal business name that is not already taken. You must also have a legal address, phone number, and all other required information for your business. If you are setting up as a sole proprietor, then you can use your personal information for the registration process; however, if you’re setting up as a corporation or LLC (limited liability company), then it’s best practice to use the official documentation from your state that indicates its status as such. This will help ensure that Amazon has access to all relevant data on file with the government so it can verify compliance with federal regulations.

Phone Number Verification

To verify your phone number, you will receive a call from Amazon. You need to provide them with the correct phone number that you have entered in your company profile. If there is any error in providing the correct phone number while registering the company on Amazon, then Amazon cannot verify your company and it will not be able to go further with its process of approval.

Company Description

Enter a brief description of your business, including relevant keywords that customers might search for. This is also a good place to include any awards or recognitions you have received and any certifications you’ve earned. Additionally, if there are any notable clients you have worked with in the past, this is the place to mention them.

Provide Tax Information

You may be required to provide tax information if you are an individual seller. If you are selling as an LLC, corporation or partnership, Amazon requires that the business entity’s federal tax ID number be entered on their application form.

If you need more time to obtain your business’ EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS, complete the following steps:

  • In Seller Central, go to Settings > Tax Information and click Get Started
  • Enter your name and email address into the appropriate fields
  • Click Next Step when you’re done with this step of the registration process

Answer Legal and Business Questions.

  • Provide a description of your business.
  • Provide a physical address.
  • Provide a contact phone number.
  • Provide a contact email address and/or website (if applicable).

If you have an Amazon Seller Central account, provide the name of your existing account; if not, then skip this field and continue on to Selecting Payment Method where you can create an Amazon Seller Central account at no charge by clicking on “Create new account”.

Choose Seller Support Plan.

Amazon offers three levels of seller support: Basic, Individual, and Professional. The Basic Seller Support Plan is designed for sellers who have less than $10,000 in annual sales and don’t anticipate any issues with customer service or fraud protection. The Individual Seller Support Plan is suitable for those who anticipate selling between $10,001 and $100,000 worth of goods per year on Amazon Marketplace (FBA). Lastly, the Professional Seller Support Plan is recommended for merchants selling more than 100 items per month on Amazon Marketplace (FBA). Each plan offers different benefits depending on how much you sell on FBA


We hope this guide has been helpful in getting your IT company registered on Amazon. Remember to stay organized and make sure that your company is properly registered with the state, county and city.

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