How to start a Hospitality Business in the US


When you think of the hospitality business, what comes to mind? A hotel? A restaurant? A resort? These are all examples of hospitality businesses, but there is also a whole range of other types that fall under this category. For example, an event planner might be considered a hospitality provider because they provide services to clients who want to organize their own events. Another type of service provider is someone who rents apartments or houses out on Airbnb; these hosts give visitors a temporary place to stay while they’re visiting their city. So what kind of hospitality business do you want to start in America?

Determine Products or Services to Offer

When you decide to start a new business, it’s important to determine what products and services your company will offer. The products or services that you sell should be unique in some way. They should also be things people want to buy (or at least are willing to purchase from you).

Lastly, these items need to fit into the scope of the hospitality industry. In other words, they need to be something that people can pay for when they visit your establishment.

Pick a Name, Brand and Logo for your Business

You will also need to pick a name, brand and logo for your business. The name of your company should be easy to pronounce and remember. It should also be relevant to the type of service you are providing. For example, if you are starting a health care business then perhaps “Caring Health Care” would be better than something like “Bright and Shiny Hospitality.” Logos can be designed in many different ways ranging from simple text images to complicated illustrations or abstract symbols.

Choosing the right name is extremely important as it will help build brand recognition and loyalty with customers over time – so take some time out at this stage and consider carefully what you want to call yourself.

Create and Register your Business Organization in the US

You will need to register a Doing Business As (DBA) in the state where you are operating your business. In some states, such as New York and California, this is done online and free of charge.

Determine whether you want to create an LLC or corporation for your business organization. There are pros and cons of each; consult an attorney if needed.

Obtain all necessary licenses and permits from appropriate governmental agencies before operating in a new jurisdiction by contacting them directly or by visiting their websites. You should also check whether there are any local laws that affect your hospitality business model that may not be required at the federal level but may have serious consequences if violated (such as restrictions on selling alcohol).

Pay all applicable taxes on income earned by your hospitality business entity using software designed specifically for accounting purposes, which can help you keep track of expenses such as travel costs related to running errands between locations if running multiple businesses out of one location becomes too costly over time without proper planning ahead first so do consider carefully before making important decisions like this one!

Obtain Licenses, Permits and Insurances

When you’re starting a business, you’ll need to obtain licenses, permits and insurances. These are required by the government in order to do business in certain areas of the United States.

To get these documents, contact your state’s department of revenue or secretary of state. They will provide information about what types of licenses and permits are needed for which types of businesses operating in your area. You may also need separate documents from other departments like health inspectors or fire marshals depending on what kind of food service operation you plan on having (e.g., restaurants vs catering).

Find a Location for your Hospitality Business

You need to find a location for your hospitality business. The location should be near where customers are, and where you can buy or rent equipment, find employees and suppliers. You also want to make sure there is easy access to the interstate system so that people coming in and out of town can easily get to your business.

Market the New Business

You’ve come up with a business idea and made the leap. You’re going to start your own hospitality business in the United States. Now what?

Before you jump into any of the practical steps involved in launching a business—writing a mission statement, filing paperwork, etc.—you need to think about how you’ll get customers and clients for your product or service. Marketing is key to success for any entrepreneur; without it, even an amazing idea won’t gain traction with consumers. So let’s take a look at some best practices for marketing your new hospitality company.


It may seem like an impossible dream, but it is not. You can start a hospitality business in the US, but you’ll need to follow all the steps and know how to navigate bureaucracy.

You will need to be prepared for the long process ahead of you. You will also need to be patient and persistent if you want your dream of owning an American hospitality company to come true.


We hope this article has helped give readers an overview of what to expect when starting a hospitality business in America. There are many steps and processes to follow, so it’s important to be organized and prepared with the right information before making any decisions.

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