Procedure for Amazon Seller Brand Registration


The Amazon Seller Brand Registry is a way to protect your brand’s identity by verifying ownership of trademarks and related intellectual property. You can register your brand with the Amazon Seller Brand Registry by following these steps:

-Verify that you own a trademark or other intellectual property in the U.S. (or have an application pending)

-Complete and submit a registration form to Amazon

“Get started now.”

Once you’re on the site, click “Get started now.” This will take you to a page that asks for a few basic details about your company: your legal name, address, and contact information.

You’ll also need to verify your identity and address by providing an image of a government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport) as well as proof of residency (e.g., utility bill or bank statement). You can upload these documents using the camera on your computer or phone; if you don’t have access to either device at this time, don’t worry—you can schedule an appointment with Amazon Customer Service by clicking “Schedule appointment” in step 4 below so they can set it up for you later (it costs $20). The fee will be refunded once all required information has been provided and verified by Amazon’s specialists.

Enter your Brand’s Name.

To register your brand, you will need to enter your brand’s name, which must be unique, in English and at least 2 characters long.

Your brand name can not contain any special characters or spaces.

Enter a Valid URL.

As a brand owner, you’re responsible for ensuring that Amazon can easily find the URLs of your brand information. To do this, you need to make sure that each URL associated with your product pages is clearly visible and easy to navigate. This means that you should:

  • Have a good website (with a valid domain name) where consumers can find all the relevant information about your product(s) online;
  • Make sure that Amazon has an easy time finding this URL by making it prominent on all of your listings; and
  • Link directly from those listings back to the same URL (most commonly through “click here” or “Learn More” buttons).

Click the Box Confirming you Own the Brand.

To register your brand with Amazon, click the box confirming you own the brand, along with links to any social media pages.

You can also provide links to any other relevant items (e.g., patents, UPC codes and/or store IDs) that are related to your brand.

Enter a Valid Trademark Registration Number.

  • Enter a valid trademark registration number (even if it isn’t in English). This can be your own registration or a foreign registration in your name. If you are using a U.S. application number, please use the format: “XXX-XXXXXX-XXXXYYY” where XXX is the serial number of your application and YYYY is the serial number of the goods/services listed on your application.
  • Only one trademark may be associated with each ASIN at this time; for example, if you have two registered trademarks for an item, both will need to be associated with different ASINs until we support multiple items per brand.

Input All Related External Links.

  • Input all related external links associated with your brand as well as any other relevant items such as patents, UPC codes, and/or store IDs.
  • To add a link to your Amazon Brand Registry Profile, first, go to the “Brands” tab and click on “Manage Brands.” Then select the brand you want to update or create a new one by clicking on “Create a New Brand.” You can then input all relevant information such as name, image logo, and description (optional).

You can get a Registry for your Brand on Amazon.

Protecting your brand is important, especially if you’ve invested time, energy, and money into building it up. Your brand is your identity as a seller; it’s what separates you from other sellers in the same category. If someone else uses your name to sell their own products as if they’re yours—or sells products with packaging that looks like yours—it will confuse customers who thought they were buying from you! This could lead them to leave negative reviews about products from the wrong seller and put undue stress on both of us trying to find out what happened (and potentially even having people believe we’re in cahoots).

A registered trademark allows you to stop these types of actions by protecting the integrity of your company’s name against fraudulent use by others across all channels where consumers might encounter them (e-commerce platforms included).


Brand registry is a new feature that lets you protect your brand on Amazon. You can register your brand name, social media links, and other important information to help prevent counterfeiting or hijacking by competitors. This feature is currently available in the US only and requires an existing seller account with Amazon.

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