Purpose of Registering a Trademark Online


A trademark can be used to protect an entire business or just part of it. In the United States, there are two types of trademarks: unregistered trademarks (“common law”) and registered trademarks (“statutory”). Although both unregistered and registered trademarks have legal protections, only registered trademarks are considered legally enforceable in court. That is why many businesses choose to register their trademarks online with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Register your Trademark

Trademarks can be registered as either:

  • a standard character mark – this type of trademark consists of any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols;
  • a three-dimensional emblem – this type of trademark includes any lettering in which the color is not part of the distinguishing feature;
  • an integrated circuit topography – this type of trademark includes any contour which has three dimensions on its surface.

Protect your Company’s Goodwill and Business Reputation

A trademark is a symbol of your company’s reputation, and it’s important to protect that brand. Trademark law helps to ensure that consumers can tell the difference between good and bad products. Companies with good trademarks will usually have a better reputation than companies without trademarks or with poor trademarks.

A trademark can also help protect the goodwill in a business, which refers to the value of being associated with certain products or services. For example, Coca-Cola has had its trademark for over 100 years and it’s now worth billions of dollars! In fact, research shows that people are willing to pay more for branded goods because they believe that the quality of those goods is higher than generic ones—even if their only reason for believing this is because they like the name “Coca-Cola”! This belief has nothing to do with how well-made these actual drinks are; it’s just an association between our mental image of “Coca-Cola” (or whatever brand)

Legal Actions

A registered trademark is a valuable asset for your business. It’s the easiest way to protect your brand and take legal action against other people who infringe upon your trademark rights.

If you’ve put time and effort into building up a strong brand, then it’s important that you’re able to uphold that brand by preventing others from using it in ways that make them look like they’re associated with you or affiliated with your company. If someone else is trying to use an identical or similar mark as what you’ve established for yourself, they may also be infringing on any goodwill associated with the brand name—which means that if you don’t take action against them, they could end up profiting off of something that belongs solely to you.

Distinguish the Source of a Product or Service

The purpose of registering a trademark online is to distinguish the source of a product or service. This allows you to set yourself apart from other brands and promote your brand recognition.

A registered trademark can be used as an asset when developing a business plan, creating marketing strategies, and implementing advertising campaigns. It will also assist you with obtaining financing for your company since lenders may require that trademarks be registered before making loans.

Make sure to register any new brand names if they will be used on products or services that are sold in the United States – this protects you from having someone else use them later on without your permission


Because trademarks are territorial, a US-registered trademark application or registration doesn’t necessarily give you rights to use the trademark in other countries. You can apply for a trademark in other countries, but you will need to register separately in each country.


It’s important to know that a registered trademark does not give you the right to use the mark for every product or service that falls within its scope. You only have the right to use a registered trademark on products or services related to those listed in your application or registration.

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