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If you have a trademark, then it’s important for you to protect it. A trademark is any word, slogan, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes your business from others. If someone else uses your mark without your permission, then they may be infringing on your intellectual property rights. In some cases, if an infringer is caught using a registered trademark without authorization, then the court can order them to stop using it entirely (and pay damages).

There are Several Reasons

There are several reasons why you might want to register a trademark. The most obvious reason is that you want to protect your brand, whether it’s for clothing, jewelry, or food products. If someone else uses the same name for their product and yours ends up being more well-known than theirs, they could end up stealing away customers who had originally been looking at getting your product.

Another reason why people register trademarks is that they want to protect their idea or symbol from being copied by others in the same industry. For example, if someone else comes along with an identical idea as yours—even if they didn’t steal anything from you—then they could easily get away with it because there isn’t any evidence proving otherwise (i.e., registration).

The final reason why people may decide to register their trademarks online has nothing to do with protecting their intellectual property rights but rather preventing others from doing so themselves! Sometimes companies use similar names as ones already registered for other purposes; this could lead consumers into thinking that purchasing goods under one of those names means buying them under both (which isn’t true).

Great way to Protect your Business

Registering a trademark can help you protect your brand and build a reputation that distinguishes your business from competitors. Once you’ve registered a trademark, you’ll be able to stop other businesses from using the same name or logo on their products or services.

Legal Rights

Registering a trademark gives your business significant legal rights. For example, you can sue anyone who uses your trademark without permission in federal court. You’ll also have the right to use the registered mark symbol™ next to your brand name or logo once it’s approved by the USPTO.

Enforce your Mark throughout the Country

Having exclusive rights to an idea or symbol allows you to enforce it throughout the country. Trademark laws allow you to sue for damages if someone else uses your trademark without your permission.

The damages for infringement can be as high as $100,000 per infringement, depending on how many people were affected and whether the infringement was willful.

Compensation for Damages

Registering your trademark online can also help you get compensated for damages if someone infringes on your trademark. If someone uses your registered trademark without permission, or in a way that is likely to cause confusion and mistake among consumers, then the United States Trademark Law allows you to claim compensation for any damages caused by such infringement. This means that if a company uses your logo or name without permission, it could be sued by you and forced to pay money as compensation for using it without consent.

By registering your brand with the federal government you are protecting yourself against any company trying to pass off their products as yours without authorization like this example below where Amazon tried passing off their products as being sold directly by Target Corporation when in fact they were not authorized resellers at all!

Nationwide Notice of your Claim

When you register your trademark, the USPTO publishes notice of your claim to the mark in the official government gazette. This provides nationwide notice of your claim and prevents others from registering a similar or identical mark.

As soon as you receive approval from the USPTO, you can use their registered mark symbol™ next to your brand name or logo. This is called “incontestable status,” which means that someone who uses that same or similar mark after registration cannot challenge it unless they can show there was fraud involved in obtaining it (for example, if someone obtained their trademark through fraudulent means).

Right to use the registered mark symbol ™

You are not allowed to use the registered mark symbol ™ until your trademark has been approved. This is a way to let people know that you have exclusive rights to your brand name or logo. However, there are some restrictions on when you can use it.


If you have an idea or symbol that you want exclusive rights for throughout the country, then you should register a trademark online as an individual. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer and there are no fees for registering a trademark online. You can register a trademark in just a few minutes, so it is definitely worth checking out if your company has an interesting logo or slogan.


We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of registering a trademark online. If you have an idea or symbol that you want exclusive rights for throughout the country, then it’s a good idea to consider registering your trademark online as an individual.

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