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A course name is a name you give to a course. It’s typically used in reference to academic programs, but it could also be used as part of a curriculum or training program. Many people don’t realize that these names are eligible for trademark protection. This article will explain what an eligible course name is and how to register it with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If you’re interested in learning more about whether your course name is eligible for federal registration with the USPTO, read on!

Course Name

A course name is a name of an educational course, program, or product. Course names are not eligible for federal registration, but they may be eligible for state or common law trademark protection.

In order to receive federal trademark protection, your proposed mark must be used in commerce. Use of the mark in interstate commerce requires that you sell products or services bearing the mark across state lines. For example, if you operate an online business selling clothing and use the phrase “The Big Apple” on your website and in advertisements, this would qualify as using it in interstate commerce if those goods were shipped from New York City to customers across state lines.

Are Course Names Eligible for Federal Registration

Although you do not have to register your course name with the USPTO, it is possible that your course title may be eligible for federal trademark protection. If a word or phrase is distinctive and used in connection with educational services, then it can be protected under Trademark law. However, even if your course name does not meet these requirements, you do not need to register the name in order to use it or protect it from misuse by others.

How do I know if my course title qualifies as a trademark?

The USPTO does not evaluate whether proposed trademarks are legally registrable because they are simply too many applications filed every year and would take too much time and money to examine each one individually. Instead, they rely on common law principles when evaluating whether a proposed mark would qualify as worthy of protection under Trademark law – namely:


First, there are a few reasons why federal registration may not be necessary. If the course name is already being used commercially, or if it has been used consistently with another business owner’s brand (even without permission), then federal trademark registration isn’t likely to offer any benefits. Second, if you are simply using the name in one location and don’t plan to expand your business beyond that location or into other locations, then federal trademark registration may be overkill and could be more expensive than it needs to be. Lastly, if your goal is simply to protect yourself from infringement rather than gain any promotional value from having a federally registered mark with which people associate your business, then again—federal registration might not be worth the expense for this purpose alone!


Course names are a big part of universities’ brands and identities. If you have an idea for a course name that you’re considering trademarking, the best thing to do is talk with your university’s legal counsel or the school’s IP office before moving forward.

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