What are Amazon Brand Registry Services?


Amazon Brand Registry is a service that helps businesses build, protect and defend their brands on Amazon. By registering your brand with Amazon Brand Registry, you can:

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a service that allows you to register your brand on Amazon.

If you have a registered trademark, then you can use this service to register your brand as an Amazon Brand.

The benefits of registering your brand include:

  • Increased sales velocity for the products in the registry (i.e., items associated with your registered trademark) on Amazon Marketplace, which may result in higher rankings and greater visibility on the site.
  • Access to Amazon’s brand registry tool, which provides tools and resources for managing your Amazon Brand.
  • Access to Amazon’s registered trademark owner database of other brands on the market; Ability to use the registered trademark owner logo in your product listings and marketing materials.

Brand Registry Benefits

To help protect your brand and build it on Amazon, the following benefits are offered to eligible brands:

  • A verified legal trademark for your brand.
  • Access to a set of tools that help you manage the product listings associated with your trademarks.
  • The ability to manage product listings and trademarks through a single interface.
  • The ability to stop unauthorized sellers from selling products with your trademark.
  • The ability to use Amazon Brand Registry as a basis for filing an application for registration of a U.S. trademark.

How to Get Brand Registered

To get your brand registered, you’ll need to:

  • Go to the Brand Registry page and click “Start the process.”
  • Fill in the form. You will be asked for your company name, business type, and contact information. You can also upload images of your product packaging or other important documents at this stage if needed. After completing these steps, Amazon will review your request before approving it or asking for more information.
  • Upload a trademark certificate if required by law in your country (not all countries require this).
  • Upload a logo file that meets certain requirements set by Amazon (you can find instructions on how to do this here). The maximum file size allowed is 3 MB; we recommend uploading an uncompressed version of [your logo](own-logos/logo-requirements) if possible so that it retains its original quality when displayed on products sold through FBA warehouses worldwide.

Why Register a Brand on Amazon?

  • Amazon Brand Registry helps you protect your intellectual property rights.
  • Amazon Brand Registry helps you build your brand on Amazon.
  • Amazon Brand Registry helps you control your products and listings on Amazon, which is important for any business that wants to grow their sales by increasing the number of customers they have or keeping them from buying counterfeit products from unauthorized sellers.

Amazon Brand Registry Application Requirements

You are eligible to apply for Amazon Brand Registry if you meet these requirements:

  • Your business is registered in the U.S. or Mexico, and not an individual.
  • You have a trademark with the USPTO or INPI that is registered in one of these countries.
  • You have a brand name (that’s different from your company’s legal name) that has been registered at the USPTO or INPI, or with ANATEL if you’re from Brazil.
  • You have an active website related to your product line that meets Amazon’s specifications (for example, it must be responsive).You’ll also need to submit two photos of your product packaging and one image of each item being sold on Amazon as well as provide information about your company such as business registration number(s)and annual sales volume.

If you meet all the requirements above and are ready to apply for Amazon Brand Registry, go ahead and submit your application here.


By registering your brand, you can be sure that your listing will remain the same on Amazon. If you do not register your brand, someone else could claim it and use it as their own.

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