What are the Requirements for Amazon Brand Registry?


What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Regardless of whether you sell in our store, Amazon Brand Registry offers free assistance in helping you manage your listings, protect your intellectual property (IP), and expand your business.

The Amazon Brand Registry is a way for sellers to protect their brands and products. To register your brand in this program, you’ll need to provide:

Brand Name

Your brand name must be unique and not a generic term. It should also be brandable, available for use in all the countries you sell in, and not trademarked by another company. Additionally, your brand name cannot be offensive or confusingly similar to other brands already registered on Amazon.

Product Listings

You’ll need to provide a list of your product listings, including the ASINs, UPCs, and ISBNs. If you’re selling multiple quantities of each item (for example, one pair of shoes), you should include all SKUs in this list. Additionally, Amazon will need to review your product listings for quality and compliance with their policies.

Brand logo

To use the Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll need to submit your logo in the following format:

  • Logo must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
  • It must be 300 dpi and 2MB or less in size.
  • It can’t be animated.
  • You’ll also need to provide a color version of your logo.

Government-Registered Trademark Number

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services of one party from those of others. For example, if you have registered a trademark called “Happy Pants,” and someone else starts selling pants with this name without your permission, you could sue them for trademark infringement (also known as “trademark counterfeiting”).

A trademark number is a unique identifier assigned by the United States Patent and Trademark Office when an application for registration is filed. The purpose of this registration process is to establish ownership rights over a company’s brand name so that no one else can use it without permission (or at least face legal consequences).

You can find your trademark number by searching for it on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

Website Where You Sell Products with your Brand Name

  • You must have a website where you sell products with your brand name.
  • You must have a physical address in the United States, or one of the other countries listed by Amazon.
  • You will need an email address that can receive notifications from Amazon Brand Registry (as well as any other correspondence from Amazon).
  • You’ll also need to provide a phone number where customers can call you directly, should they have any questions regarding their order or products sold on Amazon under your brand name.

Listings that Relate to your Brand

You can use the Amazon Brand Registry to register products and services that relate to your brand, such as those that are included in your product listings or those you offer directly from your own website. For example: You may want to register a listing for a t-shirt or book inspired by one of your books or movies, even though it is not an official part of the product line. Or perhaps you’re selling music on iTunes and would like to provide customers with links back to Amazon (where they can find more information about other related items). In these cases, you’ll want to add this information using our Brand Registry toolkit—and here’s how:

  • Step 1: Navigate over to ‘Settings’ on the left side menu bar, then click “Branding.”
  • Step 2: Click “Add Brand Profile” under “Product Linking” in order add new brands and products associated with them (e.g., books written by authors).


To summarize, Amazon Brand Registry is a program for brands to protect their listings on Amazon. It requires you to register with brand registry and submit different types of information. In order to be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, you must meet certain criteria:

  • You have an existing trademark in the U.S., which is registered and active
  • You own all of your global trademarks (including international registrations)
  • Your product listing is accurate and compliant with all guidelines.
  • You are registered with Amazon Seller Central and have a Professional Selling Plan.
  • You have a U.S based corporate entity that owns your brand.
  • Your brand is not in violation of Amazon’s policy.
  • You are the sole owner of your brand, or have permission from all co-owners to list on Amazon.


Based on the information we’ve provided above, it looks like you’re in good shape to apply for Amazon Brand Registry. We hope this post has been helpful and you now have a better understanding of what is required for your brand to be listed in Amazon Brand Registry.

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