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The purpose of trademark registration is to provide a mechanism by which consumers can identify the source of goods and services. By registering your trademark, you establish a claim to exclusive rights to use that mark and are able to prevent others from using it. Trademark registration also provides several other benefits such as increased protection against infringement and easier enforcement in foreign markets. In this article, we will cover some basic information about who can apply for trademark registration, who can’t apply, and why you should register your trademark today.

Why Trademarks are Registered

Trademark registration is important because it protects the owner’s investment in their brand, helps prevent trademark infringement from competitors, and protects against domain squatting. The most common use of trademark registration is as a tool for enforcing your rights against others who may be using your mark or something similar. Trademark law provides remedies for owners of federally registered trademarks to recover money damages and obtain an injunction (a court order requiring someone to stop doing something) when another party has infringed on their mark.

Trademark registration also provides a public record of ownership of that mark which can be used by third parties who want to find out more about it such as where it was first used or what products are associated with that particular term or designator.

Finally, if someone else steals one of your trade names they could potentially get away with it because they wouldn’t know what exactly makes up your company’s corporate identity; however, with a federally registered trademark, you can prove that this person owns this particular name so they won’t be able to use it anymore!

Who Can Apply for Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration is available to any individual, company, or organization that owns a trademark. You may apply for a trademark as an individual or as part of a business. In order to register your trademark, you will need to provide proof of identity and address.

Who Can’t Apply for Trademark Registration?

You can’t apply for trademark registration if you’re a non-profit organization, government or foreign government. In addition, public bodies that are not actually private companies cannot use the same system.

Benefits of Registering a Trademark

Registering a trademark gives you many benefits. It is a legal way to protect your brand name, logo, and slogan from being used by others without permission. This can be extremely helpful if someone else tries to use your creative work as their own. For example, if you have registered the trademark “Coca-Cola” and someone else were to create a beverage with this name on the label, they would need permission from you before selling it in stores.


If someone infringes on rights protected by registration (such as when they use a similar mark), you may sue them for damages like lost profits caused by the infringement or attorney’s fees (this only applies if there was willful infringement). In addition, when marks become well known due to widespread commercial use over time–known as “acquired distinctiveness”–they are given more protection under the law than unmarked trademarks not yet associated with specific products or services; this means that even though two companies might both have rights in similar marks for different products/services under normal circumstances neither will be able to stop each other from using those same words unless additional factors come into play outside of first claim dates listed above such as the likelihood of confusion (which we’ll get into later).


Having a registered trademark can help protect your brand and make it easier for customers to find you. However, it’s important to note that not every business or product will have the same needs when it comes time to register their mark. If this is something you’re considering, then make sure you know what options are available so that you can choose one that best fits your needs!

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